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Police Files

No thanks, the lawn has already been watered

On Thursday, Jan 17, at 7:46 a.m., LBPD received a report about a suspicious vehicle, a retro burgundy VW bus, parked on Chico Arroyo. According to police records the reporting person said, “An old VW bus pulled up to the area. A male jumped out of the vehicle and urinated on [my] lawn, and smoked a cigarette.” 

The suspicious person was described as a male with a baseball cap and a hoodie pulled over his head. The odd occurrence lasted for about 30 minutes and then he reportedly went back in the bus.

The reporting person had to leave to take their children to school but wanted LBPD to check out the situation. LBPD went to the location, however, no one was in the bus and the suspect could not be found. Interestingly, the retro ride had a vanity plate.

Trees cause havoc after the heavy rains

Trees have been blowing into police reports since the heavy rains hit. Last week two more incidents were reported to LBPD. On Wednesday, Jan 16 at 8 p.m., at the 2400 block of Juanita Way, LBPD received a report in reference to two trees that had fallen in the street. 

The reporting person alerted LBPD after she heard the information from her neighbor. She did not see it herself, so the information was considered secondhand.

According to police records, “Two trees down in the street, one a large tree approximately 20 feet tall.” LBPD contacted Public Works who removed the trees clearing the roadway. A couple hours later the street was open.

Also on Friday, at 8:59 a.m. at the 600 block of Mystic View, LBPD received a report in reference to a tree “that fell on the uphill side, unrooted and partially blocking the street.” 

According to police records, the tree was blocking the street and the RP said he had to “drive through the tree.” Public Works went to the scene and said there was no road obstruction. The tree, which was noted to be a private tree, had been cut up and put on the side of the slope.

Animal Files

When Mother Nature calls, animals listen

On Wednesday, Jan 16, LBPD received a few “animal calls.” It seems that when Mother Nature howls, animals listen. At 10:18 a.m., at the 31100 block of S Coast Hwy, LBPD received a report regarding hummingbirds overstaying their welcome. According to police records, two hummingbirds were in the RP’s dining room. “They have been there for two hours,” reads the report. “The RP is requesting we help remove them.”

Barely two hours later, at the 31700 block of 5th Avenue, LBPD received a report of a rare sighting at the beach. According to police records, “A deer is on the beach. The deer is approximately 100 feet north of the creek. It doesn’t seem to be in distress.”

According to the report, the caller was just giving LBPD a heads up. “The RP just wanted us to be aware,” the report states.

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