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Laguna Beach

Do you support Laguna Beach County Water District returning to its independent status, breaking away from the city?

Number of voters: 139


Votes: 110 79.14%


Votes: 29 20.86%

Would you support the annexation of South Laguna beaches to City beaches?

Number of voters: 75


Votes: 52 69.33%


Votes: 23 30.67%

Do you support making Forest Avenue pedestrian traffic only?

Number of voters: 112


Votes: 62 55.36%


Votes: 50 44.64%

How much of your shopping do you do online?

Number of voters: 87

About 25%

Votes: 24 27.59%

About three quarters

Votes: 19 21.84%

About half

Votes: 17 19.54%

Almost zero

Votes: 16 18.39%

Almost everything

Votes: 11 12.64%

Should inclusion on a historic resource inventory document be voluntary?

Number of voters: 138


Votes: 108 78.26%


Votes: 30 21.74%

Have you personally been inside the ASL in the Canyon?

Number of voters: 86


Votes: 66 76.74%


Votes: 20 23.26%

Will you vote in favor of the sales tax increase to help pay for undergrounding that is being proposed by the City?

Number of voters: 197


Votes: 124 62.94%


Votes: 47 23.86%

I haven’t decided yet

Votes: 26 13.2%

There are an unprecedented 12 candidates running for City Council this year. It’s still early in the process…but if the election were happening today, which candidate would have your first vote?

Number of voters: 254

Cheryl Kinsman

Votes: 79 31.1%

Sue Kempf

Votes: 56 22.05%

Peter Blake

Votes: 36 14.17%

Toni Iseman

Votes: 34 13.39%

Judie Mancuso

Votes: 15 5.91%

Ann Christoph

Votes: 13 5.12%

Lorene Laguna

Votes: 8 3.15%

Rob Zur Schmiede

Votes: 8 3.15%

Sue Marie Connolly

Votes: 3 .1.18%

Elizabeth Bates

Votes: 1 .0.39%

Paul Merritt

Votes: 1 .0.39%

Allison Mathews

Votes: 0 .0%

Would you support installing parking meters along Coast Highway in South Laguna?

Number of voters: 94


Votes: 54 57.45%


Votes: 40 42.55%

Do you work and live in Laguna Beach?

Number of voters: 139

I work and live in Laguna Beach

Votes: 56 40.29%

I live in Laguna Beach and I am retired

Votes: 46 33.09%

I live in Laguna Beach but work in another town

Votes: 19 13.67%

I do not work or live in Laguna Beach

Votes: 14 10.07%

I work in Laguna Beach but live in another town

Votes: 4 2.88%

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: This year’s City Council election is the most important one in the last 10+ years.

Number of voters: 88


Votes: 73 82.95%


Votes: 15 17.05%

Which recent restaurant news are you most excited about?

Number of voters: 103

The opening of South of Nick’s

Votes: 43 41.75%

Chef Craig Strong’s concept-in-the-works on Ocean Ave

Votes: 32 31.07%

Nirvana Grille’s new “Bliss Above Broadway” rooftop dining

Votes: 9 8.74%

The opening of Terra at Festival of Arts

Votes: 9 8.74%

The reopening of Central

Votes: 6 5.83%

Chef David Fune joining Salt Creek Grille

Votes: 4 3.88%

Do you support Cantrans’ proposed changes to the 133/Laguna Canyon Road?

Number of voters: 72


Votes: 43 59.72%


Votes: 29 40.28%

Maggi Henrikson reports of a $3 million Laguna Beach home sale via cryptocurrency. Do you personally possess cryptocurrency?

Number of voters: 85


Votes: 83 97.65%


Votes: 2 2.35%

Will you vote in favor of a one-cent sales tax increase from 7.75 percent to 8.75 percent, to help fund the undergrounding of utilities on Laguna Canyon Road and other evacuation routes, should it end up on the ballot in November?

Number of voters: 152


Votes: 79 51.97%


Votes: 54 35.53%

I am undecided on the issue

Votes: 19 12.5%

LB Police and the City are negotiating a new contract. In addition to a supervising sergeant, how many patrol units (1 officer per unit) do you feel we need to protect our streets and neighborhoods at a minimum?

Number of voters: 272

6 units

Votes: 183 67.28%

5 units

Votes: 32 11.76%

4 units

Votes: 23 8.46%

2 units

Votes: 23 8.46%

3 units

Votes: 11 4.04%

Over the last year, we’ve had many new eateries open in Laguna Beach. Do you have a favorite among these?

Number of voters: 123

Rasta Taco

Votes: 26 21.14%


Votes: 21 17.07%

Gu Ramen

Votes: 18 14.63%


Votes: 16 13.01%


Votes: 16 13.01%


Votes: 12 9.76%

Urth Caffe

Votes: 7 5.69%

Jan’s Health Bar

Votes: 4 3.25%

Laguna Beach Brewery & Grille

Votes: 3 2.44%

Which one of the following issues tops your list to be addressed by City Council candidates in the upcoming election?

Number of voters: 148


Votes: 43 29.05%

Limited parking and increased traffic

Votes: 41 27.7%

Affordable Housing

Votes: 21 14.19%

Public safety needs

Votes: 19 12.84%

Supporting local businesses

Votes: 13 8.78%

Ocean and wildlife protection

Votes: 11 7.43%

As a Laguna Beach local, how many times have you gone for an ocean dip this summer?

Number of voters: 161

None...I keep my toes dry

Votes: 83 51.55%

10 or more...I love the ocean

Votes: 39 24.22%

One to four

Votes: 31 19.25%

Five to nine

Votes: 8 4.97%

City Council recently denied Alessa’s Forest Avenue parklet extension. Do you agree with their decision?

Number of voters: 167

Yes - the parklet wasn’t right for our town

Votes: 84 50.3%

No - the outdoor dining space was wonderful

Votes: 83 49.7%

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