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Do you support the Orange County Board of Supervisors’ proposal to build temporary homeless shelters in Irvine, Huntington Beach and Laguna Niguel?

Number of voters: 125


Votes: 71 56.8%


Votes: 44 35.2%

Yes to some locations but not to all

Votes: 10 8%

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Are you in favor of the possible school year calendar changes, as proposed by LBUSD’s special calendar committee?

Number of voters: 129


Votes: 65 50.39%


Votes: 34 26.36%


Votes: 30 23.26%

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How often do you eat from restaurants in Laguna Beach for lunch or dinner, whether sitting down or ordering take-out?

Number of voters: 156

1-2 times per week

Votes: 65 41.67%


Votes: 38 24.38%

3-4 times per week

Votes: 27 17.31%

5+ times per week

Votes: 14 8.87%

I mostly dine out in other cities

Votes: 12 7.69%

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Local elections are right around the corner. What do you feel is the biggest issue facing Laguna Beach right now, which council candidates must address?

Number of voters: 211

Parking and traffic issues

Votes: 76 36.02%


Votes: 38 18.01%


Votes: 32 15.17%

More affordable housing

Votes: 21 9.95%

Future development

Votes: 17 8.06%


Votes: 11 5.21%

Environmental concerns

Votes: 6 2.84%

Helping businesses succeed

Votes: 6 2.84%

Historic Preservation Ordinance

Votes: 4 1.9%

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