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Coach Spotlight: Freddy Pichay

By Ellie Ford, Student at LBHS

In partnership with Brush and Palette newspaper

While wandering around campus, you might have seen Freddy Pichay, the LBHS hurdle and long jump coach. This former Laguna custodian has been at the high school for 46 years. Coach Freddy strives to see his athletes grow and succeed in their sport and in life.

“I always want to be the best coach I can be. I hope to be a role model for the kids. I hope to inspire them to be strong leaders and have good sportsmanship,” said Pichay.

Sophomore Alessi Ayvaz has been running with Coach Pichay for two track seasons. She has shared many good memories and laughs with Coach Freddy. 

“I couldn’t have asked for a better coach. He’s made an impact in my life by teaching me something that was entirely new and different. He’s overall hilarious and just a great and inspirational coach,” said Ayvaz.

Coach spotlight on track

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Freddy takes pride in his athletes during a track meet. Pichay has worked at Laguna Beach High School for 46 years.

Pichay’s love for coaching track runs deep. He also coaches the Laguna Beach community track team. After high school practice, you can find him coaching runners ages five to 14. “I like to prepare the young kids for high school athletics. It’s important for me to teach them how to run the correct way so they will be more comfortable when they compete in high school. Some kids are good but are scared to lose. I try to teach them the right way to lose and compete,” said Pichay.

Steve Lalim, the Cross Country and Track and Field coach, has been coaching with Freddy for 14 years. Lalim knows that if he ever needs anything, he can rely on Pichay for help.

“Freddy can do anything and everything. I enjoy coaching with Freddy every day. He’s a good man, and I appreciate all he does for our program,” said Lalim.

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