Live streaming of school board meetings on tonight’s agenda


The Laguna Beach Unified School District Board of Education will discuss live streaming of its board meetings, discontinued in May due to ADA compliance concerns, at tonight’s regular board meeting.

Live streaming is on the agenda for discussion as an information item. The meeting is scheduled to start at 6 p.m. and information items are heard early. 

“Cost information and any data about the systems we can use will be [presented],” stated Board President Jan Vickers in an email. 

“There is interest to continue to provide the community with live streaming of the meetings and we hope the cost estimates will allow us to continue.”

Members of the public vehemently disagreed with the discontinuation of live streaming in May, and made their opinions known during subsequent meetings. 

Viloria stated in an email on Thursday to Stu News that the current system does not capture the audio as well as it should, citing the December board meeting at which the recording equipment failed. 

The failure meant that answers to questions about some board decisions made at the meeting were unavailable to residents who disagreed with actions stemming from the meeting.

Viloria said the current system has had to be rebooted several times during meetings.

“So we are proposing to upgrade it and move the old video/audio equipment to the theater,” stated Viloria. 

The cost for meeting ADA compliance was previously estimated at $16,000 by the district but Viloria stated additional one-time costs for upgrades to the system will run another $40-$50k.

“Once we get direction, we can bring back an action item at the next meeting so we can get it all installed and working,” said Viloria.