LBUSD Board of Education reaches consensus to reconvene live streaming of its meetings

At its August 13 meeting, the LBUSD Board of Education received an update on the audiovisual equipment that would need to be replaced in the boardroom to effectively live stream and record the board’s meetings. The information item included a discussion on requirements for ADA compliance.

At the meeting, the board reached consensus to reconvene live streaming of the school board meetings and provided direction to staff to bring action items for the purchasing of equipment to the August 27 board meeting. Staff is continuing to explore options for Closed Captioning (CC) services and will bring an item to the board for approval at an upcoming school board meeting.

Live streaming of school board meetings with resume when equipment is replaced and all necessary requirements for ADA compliance have been met, the date to be determined. In the interim, meetings will continue to be recorded and posted to the district website at within 24 hours.

Also at the meeting, a motion to retain The Aspen Group for training and implementation of its proposed Coherent Governance Project was voted down 4-0-1 with Member James Kelly abstaining.

To listen to/watch the meeting, click here.