Laguna Beach Little League Summer Camp signups are now open 

Laguna Beach Little League (LBLL) Summer Camp will take place at Laguna Beach High School, led by Coach Jeff Sears and his crew. Summer Camp signups are now open. For dates, fees, and to register, click here.

Ed Paz, the president of LBLL describes the impact of COVID-19 on the state of LBLL: 

“Baseball has returned to the oldest little league field west of the Mississippi River: Riddle Field, Laguna Beach. Though, the return has been in a much humbler fashion in the form of a summer camp of practices where safety has become the primary focus more than ever. 

“Like most activities since March, the oldest chartered little league in Orange County (third oldest in California), Laguna Beach Little League had our season severely altered. Tee Ball players, and the other younger divisions were not even able to taste the flavor of America’s favorite pastime. One of LBLL’s biggest fundraisers and community gatherings – the pancake breakfast/picture day event – coincides with those divisions’ opening day. 

Laguna Beach opening

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Photo by Stu Jones

2020 Season Opening Ceremonies on February 28 at Riddle Field

“It has also been a difficult realization for the twenty-three 13-year-old players who set a registration record for the most 13-year-olds to play their final year of Little League. 

“Another toll COVID-19 has taken on LBLL has been fiscally. As a nonprofit, 100 percent volunteer-based organization that operates on thin margins, we are faced with the prospect of refunds for our members that have not gotten to enjoy the normal season to which we’ve grown accustomed. The issue is that most of the registration fees are spent on expenses leading up to the start of the season and full refunds would place LBLL in financial jeopardy. 

“There is also uncertainty surrounding the fall season that would have had registration opportunities opened up by now. We hope, along with everyone, that a treatment or a cure for the coronavirus will be available soon, so life and little league can get back to normal, and LBLL can return as an outlet that fosters the physical and mental well-being of the youth of our community.

Laguna Beach all stars

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Submitted photo

LBLL All-Star Team, summer 2019

“Unfortunately, there probably won’t be a picture day this year. Nor will there be yearbooks, trophies, or end-of-the-season pizza parties. But, thanks to the leadership of LBLL’s Board of Directors and the City of Laguna Beach, there will be some semblance of normalcy and closure, for the most storied tradition of little league baseball is being practiced for the older divisions at the venerable Riddle Field.

“If you would like to make a donation to LBLL to help offset the financial impacts of refunds due to the suspended/canceled 2020 season, please send a check to the following address: LBLL, PO Box 509, Laguna Beach, CA 92652. We would be happy to send you a letter accounting for your charitable donation.” 

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