LBHS Tennis in match-up today: Go Beach!

Today the high school boy’s tennis team will face off against St. Margaret’s at our home court beginning at 2:45 p.m. 

The players set to crush it at the home match include Andrew Johnson, Sammy Reynolds, Mason Lebby, Taylor Tran, Blake Hawkins, Francis Pillsbury, Kyle Herkins, Diego Tellez, Mohammad Berri, Matthew Duong, Andrew Duong, Matt Berk, and Casey Boehn.

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Photo by Rob Lebby

Mohammad Berri serves it up

Coach Rick Conkey said that the team has had four matches so far, and is doing well – especially the younger players. 

“The younger players have really improved,” he said. “Last year I scheduled matches against the top teams, and it really challenges them and inspires them.” 

The JV has an away game on Tuesday, and includes Warren Ingersoll, Jack Moran, Scott Yoder, Alex Chang, Jake Rasmussen, Arturo Vidaurri, Zachary Koster, Miles Riehle, Jack Lubin, Liam Rafary, Juilius Heide, and Taro Sakai.

On Thursday there will be a game vs. J Serra.

Go Beach!