Laguna Beach Football Skills Camp kicks off on Saturday

On Saturday, Feb 9 from 2 - 4 p.m., middle school students that are interested in playing high school football are invited to the free Football Skills Camp presented by LBHS coaches and staff. 

“Our hope is to start a football feeder program for the high school. The idea is for the middle school kids to learn how to execute what the high school football program is doing, so that way they are better prepared when entering high school,” states Ryan Kollock. 

Laguna Beach team

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Photo by Sammer and Luna Tarazi

LBHS football team with Coach John Shanahan 

Students will learn offensive and defensive skills, have individual position instruction, and train in speed and agility. 

The camp will be held at the Guyer Field at LBHS. Bring your cleats and wear athletic clothes. 

To sign up, visit

Laguna Beach High School is located at 625 Park Ave.