School board agenda includes policy and by-law change


The Laguna Beach School Board will discuss at tonight’s meeting changes to its policies and by-laws that were first discussed at a special meeting on February 6.

District Superintendent Jason Viloria recommended a first reading by the Board of Education of by-laws and policies recommended by the board to move forward for addition, deletion, or revision, according to the agenda.

The board may waive a second reading or require an additional reading if necessary. 

Possible violations of the by-laws pertaining to chairing the board were brought to the attention of board members James Kelly, Jan Vickers, Peggy Wolff and newly re-elected Carol Normandin and Dee Perry. 

According to the current by-laws:

“The board shall hold an annual organizational meeting. At that meeting, the board shall each year elect one of its members to be clerk. 

After serving one year as clerk, the elected member may serve one year as president of the board. It is the intent of the board that all board members will rotate through the sequence of clerk and president.”

The board is proposing to drop from the by-laws the order of appointment and the intent for all board members to rotate though the sequence.

It has been noted that Perry was twice bypassed for appointment. 

The discussion is scheduled as the 24th item on the agenda. The public meeting begins at 6 p.m., preceded by a closed session at 4:30 p.m.