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LBHS Women’s Shortboard Surf Team wins High School State Team Championships for second year

On Saturday, April 13, the Laguna Beach High School Women’s Shortboard Surf Team was crowned Team Champion at the Scholastic Surf Series High School State Championships for the second year in a row.  Kayla Coscino, Tess Booth, and Kalohe Danbara led the way.

The women represented the school in the team competition of the contest with eight high schools competing in the various divisions. 

LBHS Womens three leaders

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Photo by Alisa Cairns

Tess Booth, Kayla Coscino, and Kalohe Danbara

The event was held at Oceanside South Jetty. Coaches Alisa Cairns and Scott Finn report, “It was a nice sunny day. The surf was a little tricky, but decent in the three to four foot surf range and with light winds. Our Women’s Team as a whole has been so strong the last three years in the various events with plenty of depth and consistency.” 

Saturday’s team consisting of Coscino, Booth, and Danbara worked really well together, each doing their part to take the team all the way to the end with the major win and really solid performances along the way. In the semi-finals, Laguna was up against Carlsbad, and they won 15-6 with Booth, Coscino and Danbara going 1, 2, 3.

LBHS Womens winners

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Photo by Alisa Cairns

Kayla Coscino and Tess Booth

The coaches say, “Our women were on a roll and went into the final against a familiar San Clemente Team. This was a very hard fought battle with each of the team’s surfers getting some solid rides. Coscino and Booth had some nice explosive turns on a couple of sets that seemed to do the trick and gain good scores from the judges.”

In the end Coscino and Booth went 1 and 2 with Danbara in 6th place, which was enough to get the big win over San Clemente 12-9. 

LBHS Womens boards

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Photo by Alisa Cairns 

Kalohe Danbara, Kayla Coscino, and Tess Booth

Coach Cairns and Finn want to thank the parents who came down and supported the women explaining, “The dates of this event were tough for many of our team members with it taking place over spring break and Lifeguard training, causing several of our usual Men’s Team members to not be available. We were unable to enter any of the other Divisions, however, our Women’s Shortboard surfers represented the school big time!”

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