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LBHS awards its top two musicians

Laguna Beach High School seniors Zachary Bonnin and Sydney Davison were announced as the winners of the top two instrumental music awards for 2019 at the LBHS Band Boosters’ annual picnic held June 8 at Bluebird Park. 

Zachary Bonnin received the John Philip Sousa Award recognizing superior musicianship and outstanding dedication. Since 1955, this award has represented the pinnacle of achievement in honoring the top high school band student each year. Bonnin’s name will be added to the National Sousa Registry.

LBHS awards students

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Submitted photo

LBHS students Sydney Davison (left) and Zachary Bonnin were honored as the top jazz and band musicians for 2019

Sydney Davison was presented with the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, which was inaugurated shortly after this great jazz artist died in 1971. This achievement represents the highest-level interscholastic award given to a high school jazz musician in recognition of outstanding musical achievement and dedication to the program. 

Both winners received personal trophies, certificates, and award pins. Their names were added to the perpetual plaques for each award showcased at Laguna Beach High School.

Barbara’s Column

LBHS 2019 Honors Convocation


The Laguna Beach High School Scholarship Foundation presented more than $412,000 to 132 graduating seniors at the 2019 Honors Convocation. 

Donors and award presenters were honored at a reception and dinner prior to the Convocation. 

Foundation board member Debra Steel welcomed the honorees, thanking them for their largesse and moral support of the students. 

“For some of these seniors, the awards they receive tonight determine which school they can attend for college – allowing them to attend a first choice or program specifically geared to their interest and career path,” said Steel.

“For others it is the difference between huge student loans or a much more moderate need to borrow money for college.

“But besides the financial impact of your generosity, what we hear over and over again from LBHS graduates is that these scholarship awards, that you [donors] make possible, have a lasting impact because the recipients leave with the strong belief – in their core – that they are believed in.

LBHS 2019 Skipper

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Courtesy of LBHSSF

Skipper Carrillo Scholarship: (L-R) Jake Harper with Skipper Carrillo and Lance Stewart

“They take away from tonight and carry with them the knowledge that their community believes in them. And believes they will succeed. 

“That is a huge and invaluable gift to each of these students, which we have learned often far surpasses the monetary value of the scholarship.”

Each year scholarship recipients come back to Laguna to thank donors and update them on how the awards affected their lives. This year the speakers were Hillary Frimond and Julianna Ferguson

Frimond was awarded the Linda Fortune and Jennifer Bammer Memorial Scholarships when she graduated in 2003.

“The little cushion that those scholarships provided, really took the worry out of my first year as an adult, freeing up my mental space and allowing me to create a clear and successful plan for my education,” Frimond said.

“So thank you to my donors and to all donors. Your continued generosity is truly appreciated.

LBHS 2019 Julianna

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Courtesy of LBHSSF

Juliana Ferguson, LBHS Class of 2012 (USC ‘16), spoke to donors on how the LBHSSF scholarships impacted her educational experience

The Bammer, named for the late sister of Laguna Beach Police Corporal Larry Bammer, is specifically for a student planning to continue studies at a community college.

“I am the oldest of three kids – my two  brothers are two years behind – so in addition to knowing we were going to college, we also sort of knew that financially, community college was the first step,” said Frimond.

She attended Saddleback Community College, transferred to Cal Poly in 2006 and graduated in 2009. After a six-month walking tour of Europe and Egypt, she moved to Toronto where she began her career as a producer and development executive. She has been an executive in the entertainment industry ever since.

Ferguson graduated in 2012. 

LBHS 2019 flowered

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Courtesy of LBHSSF

Presenters Karen Kanner and Laurie Dalke with the Ebell Club winners – 

(L-R) Chloe Bryan, Molly Cohn, Ryan Smithers and Benjamin Vogel

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to thank the Laguna Beach High School Scholarship Foundation and generous donors and to share the positive impacts that came from scholarship awards,” said Ferguson. 

She was the recipient of four scholarships: Dream for the Future, Village Laguna, Laguna Greenbelt Inc. and the Naude Family Clean Ocean Foundation,  all of which she said have had lasting impacts.

“While the financial implications of the scholarships are clear, the indelible vote of confidence from respected families and leaders guide a sense of self and personal pride that will never be forgotten,” said Ferguson. 

“After completing programs of study at USC, the University of Cambridge and Duke University, I have returned to live in this beautiful town I call home and to work just off the 133 at Blizzard Entertainment Headquarters as a [Human Resources] partner. 

“I was the recipient of generosity from this community in multiple ways, and I hope to be able to give back in return,” said Ferguson.

LBHS 2019 Cheryl

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Courtesy of LBHSSF

Cheryl Post, a 27-year donor, honors her late son Brandy with the Brandon Balsinger-Post Scholarship

The foundation also honored at the reception donor Cheryl Post. She was introduced by foundation board member Betsy Jenkins.

Cheryl and the late Carl Post endowed a $4,000 scholarship in 1992 in memory of their son, Brandy Balsinger-Post, who died from a mixture of cocaine and alcohol. He was just 21. 

The scholarship is awarded to students of exemplary moral character. 

“I am always amazed at the level of maturity and incredible strength of character these applicants for this scholarship have demonstrated,” said Post.

LBHS 2019 Betsy

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Courtesy of LBHSSF

Brandon Balsinger – Post Memorial Scholarship: (L-R) Piper Warner, presenter Betsy Jenkins and Catrin Williams

“Although my son was not able to see his dreams fulfilled, I am hopeful that this annual $4,000 scholarship will help to financially support the recipient in his or her goals.”

Longtime French teacher Odile Dewar was also honored. She was unable to attend but conveyed her thanks for the recognition via a tape introduced by board and former staff school staff member Walt Lawson.

Dewar began teaching at Laguna Beach High School in 1989. 

“Odile’s outgoing personality, friendly smile and marvelous French accent were embraced immediately by colleagues, students and parents,” said Lawson. 

“For most of the 30 years that Odile has been on the faculty at LBHS, she has been a presenter for our Annual Awards Assembly just like the one being held a little later this evening. The scholarships she bestowed on her high-achieving students came from her personal resources. 

“Odile is retiring but will forever remain at the heart of our community. Our foundation decided it was long overdue to recognize Odile’s countless contributions to the students of Laguna Beach and to the scholarship program she selflessly served.” 

LBHS 2019 Pat

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Courtesy of LBHSSF

Presenters Dave Perry and Pat Kollenda with the Festival of Arts Visual Arts Scholarship recipients – (L-R) Haley Colton, Lauren Fetzer, Sofia Pfanner, Emma Russell and Sarah Smelkinson

The first scholarship was presented in 1947 by the Ebell Club. This year, The Festival of Arts alone awarded 17 scholarships, totaling $27,600. 

Scholarships are awarded to recognize academic achievements, merit, athletic prowess and community service. Seventy-nine percent of them are based on financial needs.

Community organizations, service clubs, businesses or individuals may establish a scholarship – often a memorial for a loved one. 

The Breakers Opportunity Fund accepts donations from folks who don’t want to establish an individual scholarship. The process is simple: Determine the amount – the minimum is $1,000 a year; define the targeted scholarship recipient and name the award. The foundation reviews applications, awards and selects deserving recipients of BOF awards.

Laguna Beach High School Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

All donations go to funding scholarships. There are no administrative costs.

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a foundation board member will make contact. 

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School Board recognizes students of excellence, seeks community input on whether or not to live-stream its meetings

At its June 11 meeting, the LBUSD Board of Education recognized several students for their achievements during the 2018-19 school year.

The School Board recognized high school seniors that have served as after-school tutors and mentors to struggling English-learners in grades 2-5 through the district’s Juntos program.

The Board also recognized the Laguna Beach High School Girls Surf Team for their successes in the high school state championships in Oceanside. In the Women’s Shortboard Division, LBHS defended its season and 2018 Championship Title.

School Board recognizes awards

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Courtesy of LBUSD

Student athletes Claire Kelly and Colton Gregory 

LBHS Director of Athletics Lance Neal, together with the board, recognized students for their academic and athletic accomplishments that earned them athletic scholarships.

The June 11 meeting was the last one with Student Board Representatives Kaitlin Gunsolley and Piper Warner participating. The high school seniors were recognized by Superintendent of Schools Dr. Jason Vilora and the board for their service to the school community. 

School Board recognizes plaques

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Courtesy of LBUSD

Student Board Reps Kaitlin Gunsolley and Piper Warner

The Board is currently seeking community input on whether or not to invest in the live-streaming of its meetings.

School Board meetings are currently recorded and posted to the district website within 24 hours. Previously (since January 2016), meetings were live-streamed, providing access to the public in real-time. However, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that live-streamed content be closed-captioned to provide equal opportunity access, a service that requires an added cost of approximately $16,000 annually. 

Using ThoughtExchange, an online discussion platform that allows participants to anonymously share thoughts and rate thoughts shared by others, the board would like community input on interest in live-streaming, recording and posting the next day, as well as exploring other potential options to access board meeting information.

To participate in the survey, click here.

LBHS senior Sydney Davison receives college scholarship from Cox Charities

Sydney Davison, a graduating Laguna Beach High School senior, along with fifteen other students, was named a Cox Scholar in 2019 and awarded a scholarship. On June 12 at UCI University Club, $40,000 in college scholarships was awarded to academically impressive and socially-minded students. 

“We’re super proud of Sydney and so thankful she was able to get the Cox scholarship at UW-Madison, tuition is very expensive so the scholarship really helps with that. We are so happy she is studying computer science and think she will have a great time in college!” said Chris Davison, father of Sydney Davis who attended the event with his wife on Sydney’s behalf. 

Sixteen Orange County and Palos Verdes area teens who have overcome major challenges, including serious health issues, while excelling in academics and community work, received the scholarships from Cox Charities. 

LBHS graduate close up

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Photo by Kait McKay

Sydney Davison will go to University of Wisconsin - Madison

The recipients were: Sydney Davison, Laguna Beach High School, enrolled at University of Wisconsin - Madison; Serenity Owens, San Pedro High School, enrolled at UCLA; RJ Wakefield-Carl, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, enrolled at UC San Diego; Joy Lee, Palos Verdes Peninsula High School, enrolled at Loyola Marymount University; Madeline Wright, San Pedro High School; Joy Yen Kao, Irvine High School, enrolled at UC Santa Barbara; Justin Nguyen, San Juan High School, enrolled at UC San Diego; Aly Barriga, El Toro High School, enrolled at Point Loma Nazarene University; Christian Aguilar, Capistrano High School; Brooke Berry, Aliso Niguel High School, enrolled at Boise State University; Rachel Yu, Northwood High School, Enrolled at UCLA, Alvand Daliri, University High School, enrolled at Stanford University; Sarah Atashi, Palos Verdes High School, enrolled at USC; Peter Chelebian, Palos Verdes High School, enrolled at UCLA; Keira Small, San Clemente High School, enrolled at Arizona State University; and Giovanna Cortes, San Juan Hills High School, enrolled at UC Irvine.

LBHS graduate parents

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Photo by Kait McKay 

(L-R) Sydney’s parents Chanthu Oeur and Chris Davison and Sam Attisha, SVP and Region Manager, Cox Communications

One scholar stated in their personal statement, “I am interested in pursuing speech language pathology. I have always wanted to study this because of my brother. He inspires me to strive for this career because I want to help kids just like him who have severe speech delays.” 

Funded by employee payroll donations that are matched by the company, Cox Charities provides support to communities in Cox Communications’ service area by awarding scholarships to high school seniors, Innovation in Education grants to local schools, and grants to nonprofit organizations. A volunteer advisory board of Cox employees oversees the foundation and its giving programs. 

The Cox Charities scholarship program is open to graduating high school seniors who are residents of a Southern California Cox service area, and are able to meet various academic and community service criteria. The average amount of the award ranges from $1,000-$5,000. The applications for the 2020 Cox Scholars program will open in January 2020. 

For more information visit

UPS team wins AAA Little League Tournament of Champions at Riddle Field

Laguna’s Riddle Field was the host of Little League’s 2019 Minor division Tournament of Champions. The end of season tournament is represented by the seven little league organizations of South Orange County and culminated in an epic battle last Thursday between Laguna’s Team UPS and the Aliso Viejo Dodgers. 

Riddle Field was the perfect backdrop for a historic run by Laguna’s Team UPS. The 9 to 11-year-olds earned the opportunity as Laguna’s representative by finishing with the league’s best regular season record and winning the local playoff tournament. In front of a packed house of Laguna baseball fanatics, UPS squeezed out a gritty win in a very tight 5-3 game that was closed out in the bottom of the 6th with tying runs on base. 

AAA Little team

Submitted photo

Laguna’s Team UPS – Minor League California District 55 TOC Champions

The team’s roster included: Wyatt Bogdan, Brooks Carter, Logan Guerrero, Ace Halpern, Cam Hennessy, Jack Hurst, Noah Kimball, Jake Martin, Colter Steris, Bear Ward, and Ryder Weatherley. 

The team’s manager was Steve Hurst, with coaches Jeff Bogdan, Derek Halpern, and Mike Carter.

After the win, the coaches said, “The game was very well played on both sides, the final inning was incredible, and the energy was everything you could want from a little league game.

“You could not help but get caught up in the emotion, it was really special.

“This is a big win for Laguna Baseball, it speaks volumes to the quality of players in this town and how great the support is from the parents and volunteers in the community.” 

The win gives Laguna its second Minor league TOC Championship, which will be acknowledged by the district with a permanent banner on display at Riddle Field.

LBHS student places 6th at U.S. Rowing Youth Nationals in Sarasota, Fla.

Laguna Beach resident Amar Bhatia, a junior at LBHS, and his teammate Noah Cours, who attends Los Alamitos High School, were finalists and placed 6th overall at the U.S. Rowing Youth Nationals held at Sarasota, Fla., June 6-9. 

Laguna Beach rowing

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Courtesy of Newport Sea Base Rowing Facebook

6th overall team – Amar Bhatia in back, Noah Cours in front

The team represented Newport Sea Base Rowing in the Lightweight Men’s Youth Doubles and eliminated top teams from across the nation in timed trials and semi-finals over the course of the week. The #6 National ranking is the highest ever from Newport Sea Base in this division.

Newport Men’s Varsity Coach James Long-Lerno said, “I’m very proud of the boys and can’t wait to see them bring this experience back with them to lead the program forward.”

School Board to consider establishing Confidential Matters Subcommittee


The Laguna Beach Unified School District Board of Education is expected to consider a resolution at tonight’s meeting to create a Subcommittee on Confidential Matters.

If approved, the resolution would delegate to the subcommittee the authority of the board pertaining to matters that may be placed on an agenda as a closed session. The authority delegated to the subcommittee includes actions related to litigation, pending or anticipated, and personnel actions that are authorized to be taken in closed session.

According to the resolution brought about by Board President Jan Vickers and Board Clerk Carol Normandin, the subcommittee sunsets in one year, unless extended or terminated by a majority vote of the board and would be subject to the Brown Act. The act guarantees the public the right to attend and participate in meetings of local legislative bodies, including phone calls and emails.

Under the proposed terms of the resolution, board member Dee Perry would be prohibited from serving on the subcommittee for reasons alleged in the resolution: making confidential information available to someone not authorized to receive it. 

Formation of the subcommittee was advised by the school district’s attorney. 

Resolution 19-01 that would create the subcommittee reads:

WHEREAS, in recent months the District has received numerous requests under the California Public Records Act (CPRA); and 

WHEREAS, some of these requests have necessitated searches of the District’s email archives, in an effort to meet the legal obligations to conduct reasonably diligent searches for records responsive to requests and to disclose records not subject to an exemption from public disclosure; and 

WHEREAS, one of these searches revealed that Board Member Dee Perry forwarded an attorney-client privileged email, which conveyed legal advice and also included a reiteration of confidential information disclosed in closed session, to an individual who is not authorized to receive privileged and confidential information; and 

WHEREAS, the email described above was forwarded from Member Perry’s District email account to her personal email account, prior to it being forwarded from her District email account to the individual not authorized to receive it, and the CPRA searches revealed numerous other instances of Member Perry forwarding emails from her District email account to a personal email account, thus raising concerns about other potential confidentiality breaches; and 

WHEREAS, the Board, with input and advice from counsel, wishes to implement a means of protecting information that is confidential under the law when it has a good faith belief that confidentiality, and therefore the interests of the District, may be compromised by consideration by the full Board. 

NOW, THEREFORE, the Governing Board of the Laguna Beach Unified School District hereby finds, determines, declares and resolves as follows: 

--The Board hereby creates the Board Subcommittee on Confidential Matters (“Subcommittee”). 

--The Subcommittee shall exist for a period of one (1) year from the date of this Resolution, unless extended or terminated by a majority vote of the Board. 

--The Subcommittee consists of all members of the Board except Member Dee Perry. 

--The Subcommittee, because it consists of a majority of members of the Board and because it is created by formal action adopting this Resolution, is subject to and shall comply with the Brown Act. P254 

--The Board delegates to the Subcommittee all authority of the Board with respect to matters which may be placed on an agenda pursuant to Government Code § 54956.9 or 54957 where, in the sole discretion and opinion of the of the Board, confidentiality concerns necessitate a delegation of the matter to the Subcommittee. This delegation of authority includes but is not limited to the authority to take actions related to litigation, pending or anticipated, and personnel actions that are authorized to be taken in closed session. 

--The adoption of this Resolution does not require that any particular matter be delegated to the Subcommittee, but rather authorizes such delegation when the Board has a good faith belief that confidentiality, and therefore the interests of the District, may be compromised by consideration by the full Board. 

According to Board President Vickers, the proposed resolution is an action item for tonight’s meeting, not a policy, and thus does not require a first or second reading. 

According to the meeting agenda released by the district, Normandin will not be present in person but will be teleconferencing in.

Tonight’s regular meeting will be held at the district offices at 550 Blumont St starting at 6 p.m.

SchoolPower Endowment’s Teacher Grant Program gives $111,450 to inspired teachers

Every year, the SchoolPower Endowment Fund awards inspired teachers like Penny Herrick-Dressler grant money so they can put their ideas into action. 

At the LBUSD School Board meeting on May 28, SchoolPower awarded $111,450 to fund 18 diverse teacher grants with requests ranging from equipment such as Swift coding robots, learning garden structures, and kindergarten playground equipment to curriculum programs such as the Homework, Organization and Planning Skills (HOPS) Intervention Program, DNA analysis tools, and art museum field trips. 

“Teacher Grants are a favorite program of SchoolPower Endowment because the requests come directly from our educators at all four schools in the district,” explains SchoolPower Endowment president Chris Clark. “The Endowment’s goals for Teacher Grants are to inspire excellence in teaching by funding educators’ ideas for innovative teaching methods and tools that might not otherwise be possible.” 

SchoolPower Endowment check

Click on photo for a larger image

Photo by Anakaren Ureno

SchoolPower members present a check for $111,450.14 to fund 18 teacher grants for the 2019-20 school year

One such innovative teacher is El Morro science teacher Kathleen Margaretich, whose grants for an expansion of the El Morro STEAM lab materials and the creation of an outdoor classroom will enable students to explore authentic science activities at stations anytime. “Much of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) is about habitats and how animals use their external parts to survive in their habitats,” she says, adding, “Instead of doing some labs in the classroom, it is better to do them out in nature.” 

Great teachers inspire their students, but many times, teachers find themselves inspired by their students. Thurston Middle School Health and PE teacher and Ecology Club mentor Penny Herrick-Dressler is one teacher who recognized a need amongst her students and was inspired to act upon it. 

“The Healthy Kids Survey shows us that our student body is experiencing stress,” she explains. “That stress is negatively impacting other areas of their lives.” Through a discussion with her Ecology Club students, Herrick-Dressler developed the idea to create the “Away Place,” an outdoor space on the Thurston campus where students can sit by themselves or gather with a few others to have a bit of quiet time, and she explains, “to use the healing properties of nature to address student stress.” She decided the best way to make this idea a reality was to apply for a SchoolPower Endowment Teacher Grant. 

The benefits of the teacher grant program frequently extend beyond a single teacher’s classroom. The Thurston PE department has taken this approach with its use of Garmin technology to inspire personal fitness in the entire middle school student body.

“Last year’s grant of Garmin watches has allowed our PE students to use real-time tracking of their pace, distance, and progress towards personal goals,” says PE teacher Steve Lalim. “We use them for our weekly two-mile cardio workout and to ensure accountability and accuracy in games like soccer and capture the flag.” The Garmin tools have been so successful that the middle school PE department applied for a 2019 grant of 50 additional watches to allow each teacher a class set. “The Garmin watches are the best investment we’ve ever made as a department, “ says Lalim. “They inspire students to be more active, engaged, and aware of their activity level.”

SchoolPower Endowment Kinder

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Photo by Anakaren Ureno

TOW Elementary Kindergarten team accepts a teacher grant award in the amount of $4,700 for Osmo Sets for the kindergarten classrooms

Because of the Teacher Grant program, teachers know their ideas can be realized. “The grants have allowed me to dream beyond the curriculum and think beyond the standards,” says Margaretich. “The El Morro STEAM lab has become a state-of-the-art science room and program due to El Morro, PTA, and SchoolPower contributions.” 

Herrick-Dressler echoes Margaretich’s sentiments, stating, “Over the many years I have taught at Thurston, I have been fortunate to have the help of SchoolPower Endowment funding. SchoolPower has supported the grants I wrote for our PE department’s climbing wall and Project Adventure equipment and training. I am thrilled SchoolPower has chosen to fund this Ecology Club project, as the Away Place will be a space for all students!”

SchoolPower’s mission is to enhance the educational experience of the whole student as they grow from TK through 12th grade. In 2017-18, SchoolPower and the Endowment Fund contributed over $760,000 to the Laguna Beach school district to help support a wide range of programs, including small class sizes, academics, athletics, visual and performing arts, music, STEM programs, and wellness and student support. To see a full list of teacher grants, visit

LB Seniors presents “Ask the Doc: Enhance Your Health Care with Integrative Medicine” on June 27

On Thursday, June 27 from 1:30 - 2:30 p.m., Laguna Beach Seniors will host a free “Ask the Doc: Enhance Your Health Care with Integrative Medicine” class at the Susi Q Center.

Susi Q JillJoin Hoag Medical Group physician Jill Panitch, MD as she shares tips for incorporating preventative and integrative medicine into your health care. She will elaborate on the mind-body connection and address complementary approaches to integrative medicine such as yoga, mindfulness, and exercise. 

To register, visit or call the front desk at (949) 464-6645 or register online.   

Laguna Beach Seniors works together to enhance the lives of seniors through programs, services, and advocacy that promote independence, wellness, and community.

The nonprofit organization is an essential resource in making the hometown we love the best possible place to age gracefully and meet the challenges of time. 

For more information, visit

The Susi Q Center is located at 380 Third St. 

LBHS Senior Cutter Clawson drafted by the Washington Nationals in the 2019 MLB Draft

On June 5th, Cutter Clawson, a senior at Laguna Beach High School, was drafted by the Washington Nationals in the 2019 MLB Draft in the 33rd round. Leading up to the draft, Cutter achieved an impressive athletic career at LBHS and also reached the rank of Eagle Scout at the age of 15. 

His father Travis, says, “My wife and I are elated to see all his hard work and sacrifice pay off. Baseball is a great game that teaches you to overcome failure so when something good happens, it needs to be celebrated! He has been blessed with great teammates and coaches that have made him enjoy the sport even more. Whatever his future holds, we know he’ll be able to succeed through his faith in Christ and life’s lessons learned on the diamond.”

LBHS senior baby

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

The beginning of Cutter’s athletic career

As a four-year letterman at LBHS, Cutter’s baseball achievements started in 2016 as a freshman. He played a major role in helping the Breakers win a CIF Championship, including hitting a base hit in the semi-finals with 2 outs in the bottom of the 8th inning, which set up the game-winning hit that pushed the Breakers to the CIF finals.

Cutter committed to furthering his studies and baseball career at Brigham Young University in 2016 after his freshman year. He was recruited to play at BYU as a two-way player, both as a first baseman and a left-handed pitcher.

While a sophomore at LBHS, he was named to the Cal-Hi All-State Sophomore 1st Team and Cal-Hi Underclass All-State 2nd Team. He was also awarded 1st team All-League honors and batted .417/.463/.616 (BA/OBP/Slugging) with 12 doubles, and had a fielding percentage of .991 at first base.

LBHS senior football

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Cutter loves football too

Cutter tried out and made the USA Baseball NTIS SoCal Team in 2017 in Cary, N.C. From that event, he was 1 of only 80 players in the nation selected to play in the USA Baseball Tournament of Stars and competed in the week-long event in Cary.

Cutter was also voted to the Orange County All-County Team as a pitcher.

In 2018 during his junior year, Cutter made 1st Team All-League, batted .338/.436/.487 (BA/OBP/Slugging), and had a fielding percentage of .974. As a pitcher he was 2-0 with 38 K’s and a 2.30 ERA. He was also selected to and participated in the Brewers Area Code Team. 

LBHS senior pitching

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Cutter on the mound as a junior 

Additionally in 2018, Cutter was selected by USA Baseball to represent California with 30 of the top California players in the MLB Sponsored “States play” series and played against the top high school talent from Texas at Arlington Texas Rangers Stadium in a three-game series. He started game 3 and threw 3 scoreless innings, striking out five batters. He was one of only two California pitchers (out of 15) not to give up a run to a very talented Texas squad. 

Currently, Cutter is ranked the #2 LHP in California, the 6th LHP in the nation and the 80th player overall by Perfect Game. This season, Cutter’s senior year, he batted .346 with 8 homeruns and 8 doubles, with a .705 slugging percentage and a 1.200 on-base percentage.

LBHS senior grandpa

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Cutter with his grandpa 

Cutter led the Breakers this year with six wins on the mound, 61 strikeouts in 45 innings, and an ERA of 2.30, while committing just one error all season. He was voted by his teammates as MVP Pitcher. For the third year in a row, he made 1st Team All-Conference. 

On June 20, Cutter will join his classmates and proudly graduate from Laguna Beach High School. His father says, “Cutter has enjoyed his high school baseball playing days as a Laguna Beach Breaker and is very grateful to his coaches, teammates, parents, and friends and looks forward to the future of playing baseball and studying business at Brigham Young University.

“He is very grateful to the Washington Nationals for drafting him, but after careful consideration and prayer he has decided to honor his commitment to BYU. He will enroll in the fall and begin his collegiate playing career as a Cougar with the goal of contributing to the team in any way he can to help attain the team goals of a WCC Championship and qualify for the College World Series in Omaha. He’ll be eligibly for the MLB draft once again at age 21.”

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