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TOW 5th Grade Promotion

Photos by Mary Hurlbut

TOW 5 cars

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Let the caravan begin

TOW 5 retriever

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A boy’s best friend by his side 

TOW 5 pom poms

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Teachers and staff congratulate students

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Senior Beach Day

Senior Beach Day 1

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Photo by Luna Tarazi

LBHS Seniors gathered for a celebratory day at the beach on Wednesday; Sara Jacobs, seen here, will attend Vanderbilt University in the fall

Senior Beach Day 2

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Photo by Luna Tarazi

The group met at Shaw’s Cove for photos and to celebrate their achievements

Senior Beach Day 3

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Photo by Luna Tarazi

Sammer Tarazi and mother Luna; Sammer played varsity football, was LBHS Homecoming King, and is a chef

For more photos by Luna Tarazi, see the slideshow below

LBUSD to hold information session for potential school board candidates

On Tuesday, June 23, the Laguna Beach Unified School District will hold a virtual orientation for those considering running for a position on the board of education in the Laguna Beach Unified School District. Superintendent Jason Viloria, Ed.D. will provide a general overview of the responsibilities and work of the Board for those considering becoming a candidate. 

Voters in the Laguna Beach Unified School District will elect two members to the five-member board of education in the upcoming Biennial Governing Board Election on Tuesday, November 3, 2020.

LBUSD to high school

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

LBUSD to hold virtual orientation for potential school board candidates on June 23

In 2019, the board of education revised LBUSD Board Bylaw 9230 to include an orientation meeting with general information about school programs, district operations, and Board responsibilities to enable an educated and informed decision process. The filing period for candidates is July 13 through August 7, 2020.

The virtual meeting will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, June 23 from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m.  Anyone interested in participating should email Victoria Webber at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than 11 a.m. on June 23. Those who respond and request to participate will be sent a calendar invitation with the meeting information.

Connor Fink: Stu News salutes Laguna Beach High School 2020 Graduating Senior

Connor Fink will be attending the University of Washington in the fall and plans to study Data Science and Informatics. During his time at Laguna Beach High School, he played both football (All-League) and basketball for all four years, and participated in track and field for one year. He is a member of National Honor Society and served as Treasurer of the Mandarin Club. 

Connor Fink beach

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Submitted photo

Connor will be attending the University of Washington

Connor’s favorite class at LBHS was AP Art History, which taught him to enjoy going to museums when traveling and to appreciate history. He also was a cast member of Pageant the Masters for five years, earning over 500 volunteer hours. This past December, he also succeeded in achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. 

Congratulations, Connor!

In order to celebrate our graduating seniors’ achievements together as a community, we would like to extend an invitation to graduating seniors and their parents to submit announcements about college acceptances and plans for next year. Please submit your information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

LBUSD Board Meeting addresses comments about beloved choral director and vocal coach; Roxanna Ward submits resignation 


During the public comments section of the Laguna Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) Board Meeting on June 4, the 20-minute period of time allotted for written remarks was extended twice (each time by a 5-0 vote) to a full 60 minutes to allow for the reading of 50 emails concerning Roxanna Ward. The issue regarding Ward, an employee of the district for 19 years and choral director and vocal coach at Thurston Middle School and Laguna Beach High School, focused on information pertaining to the termination of her “professional expert services” position at the District, which included the loss of benefits.

As stated on the petition for Ward on, which as of yesterday, had 3,500 signatures, “On May 22, 2020, Ms. Ward was given a ‘Termination of Professional Expert Services’ notice from Laguna Beach Unified Human Resources. They proposed a new arrangement that she has a choice of either accepting immediate retirement or taking a role as ‘accompanist’ with a drastic pay cut and loss of her health benefits, while being expected to carry out her exact same job responsibilities.” 

Main consensus 

The consensus of the comments to the Board, which were from colleagues, friends, parents, and students, was a plea to extend Ward’s contract for one year to allow her to retire after that, and bring closure to the performances that she worked on before they were canceled due to COVID-19. 

Comments called the District’s decision “short-sighted” and a “myopic perspective.” 

Rebecca Lyles, a colleague who has worked with Ward on Lagunatics, said, “Please add my name to the long list of Laguna residents who implore you to do the right thing for Roxanna Ward. After 19 years, her exemplary service and dedication to the children has been recognized with a demotion and loss of benefits. But can this be right after all the work she has put in? This is a shabby treatment of an Artist of the Year. She deserves another year…as musical director and chorus teacher, a year to present concerts canceled by COVID-19, another year to say goodbye to her students, a year to retire with dignity and fair compensation. Do whatever you can to make this right. Our children deserve this and so does Miss Ward. Please, Laguna is better than this.”

Former students speak out

Several former students credited Ward with their success in the musical profession, but also cited her mentorship and willingness to help in situations outside the realm of teaching music, emphasizing the positive impact on their lives and emotional well-being. 

Former student LBHS 2005 graduate Gabe Ruben said, “Ms. Ward had a profound impact on my high school experience. I worked with her as an accompanist on drums for several of the choral and musical performances. She mentored me and helped guide me into my career as a professional musician. She – along with other members of the performance art education – was integral to what made LBHS an incubator for the arts.”

LBHS 2010 graduate Nia Evans said, “The termination of Roxanna Ward is ridiculous. The kids need to return to as much normalcy as possible in the fall and be able to complete work on the spring concert…she is a staple in the musical education of students and is an incredible talent.”

LBHS parents brought attention to the significance of Ward in their children’s lives and implored the Board to uphold her contract.

Part of City’s culture 

Michelle and James Jaeger, parents of three LBHS grads, wrote, “We would like to ask the LBUSD to address the importance of family. Our family asks that you acknowledge the value of the employee Roxanna Ward, a highly respected and essential asset to the performing arts family for 20 years. We witnessed firsthand how her unending energy and genuine love of LBHS students, who she calls family, resulted in creating a wide variety of enrichment opportunities. Many of her students who may not have even had an interest in music still resulted in substantial growth in self-esteem, which carried over into the college experience. Ms. Ward took our daughter under her wing when she had a bad experience in the performing arts. She is now working for Teach America and often speaks of hoping to impact the family in a manner similar to Ms. Ward. We all work toward treating our family with the utmost respect and most certainly hope Ms. Ward, who embodies an important part of our City’s culture, will be able to continue to fulfill her last year’s goal in the same manner she has over the last 20 years. We ask that you address the situation as you would with a member of your family who is loved dearly and has affected so many families and lives in nothing but a positive direction.”

LBUSD Board Ward

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Roxanna Ward

Although not a comment at the Board Meeting, Bree Rosen, artistic director of No Square Theatre, said on the website, “For nearly two decades Roxanna Ward has guided, included, inspired, educated, supported, and cherished the children of Laguna Beach. She’s made time for kids to play for their scholarship auditions, help them select songs for auditions, family events, religious services, and more. Via her active position as a professional in the entertainment industry she has facilitated audience access to master classes, concerts, and countless off-campus performances. She’s likewise facilitated performance opportunities for students with Pacific Symphony, Laguna Playhouse, No Square Theatre, various churches, and others. She’s shared her deep knowledge of music, theatre, and her 50 years of experience as a professional performer, director, and conductor, all over the world. Her value in our community and schools is beyond anything LBUSD has ever provided her.”

LBUSD statement

After all the comments were read, LBUSD President Peggy Wolff said, “I have a statement to make regarding communications we have received regarding an individual employed by the LBUSD as a musical accompanist at the high school and middle school. 

“Although we typically do not comment publicly regarding personnel issues, this has become an issue of rather intense public scrutiny and public concern on social media and through the employee’s attorney, distributing a letter to a large number of people including the board. I acknowledge the public concern, but there [is] a lot of misinformation that needs to be addressed and corrected. 

“Last fall it came to the attention of the district office administration that an employee was working between 13 and a half and 16 hours a week but being compensated for 35 hours a week.

“This was a situation that obviously needed to be addressed under the law and principles of basic fairness to all of our employees. They’re entitled to be paid for hours they work but no one should receive taxpayer compensation for hours not worked. 

“In a meeting with the employee last fall after this came to light, she confirmed that she was being paid for 35 hours a week but was working no more than 16 hours a week. She was told at the time that the error would need to be corrected, and she indicated it would be corrected and understood why it needed to be corrected. 

“Contrary to what has been reported and spread publicly, this employee was not terminated, her work hours were not reduced, and no one has ever questioned whether she has provided important, quality service to our students and our community. She has.

“As she was told last fall, she is invited and encouraged to continue to provide the same services to students and family next year. What we cannot do, however, is allow the continuation of a situation where one employee works 13-16 hours and is paid for 35 hours while other classified employees are only paid for hours they worked. It is not legal, and it is not right.”

Response to statement

In response to the letter, Rosen says, “[The] last meeting closed with a lot of half-truths and out and out lies. Roxanna was portrayed as a grifter, gaming the system. Truth is she’s overqualified. It’s shameful that some have been allowed to malign a much-loved teacher with such disregard and lack of respect. They are eliminating arts programming…Just because it’s legal, doesn’t mean it’s ethical.” 

Ward says, “The LBUSD is chipping away at the musical program from kindergarten on through high school. They made me feel invisible. But I’ll be okay. I am okay.”

On Monday afternoon, Ward submitted her resignation to the principal of LBHS, Jason Alleman, via email. Her resignation is as of June 12 as accompanist. Her job as choral expert was reportedly eliminated by the district, effective the same date.

LBHS Model United Nations class holds virtual fundraiser for Maasai Oololaimutia Village in Kenya


As with most fundraisers during the past few months, Laguna Beach High School’s Model United Nations (MUN) annual conference was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since this is their main fundraiser in support of the Maasai Oololaimutia Village in Kenya, and the pandemic has hit the village with devastating results, the class produced a virtual fundraiser. 

To view the video, click here.

It all began in 2012 when Jun Shen, one of the MUN program’s advisors, visited the Oololaimutia Elementary School in Maasai Mara, Kenya. 

LBHS Model school and kids

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Submitted photo

Maasai Oloolaimutia school in 2016 when LBHS teacher Mindy Hawkins visited with her LDS group

Shen says, “I was in Kenya at the time on vacation with my wife. The camp we stayed at for a safari was next to Oloolaimutia village. The Maasai invited us tourists to visit their village, including the school. The teacher showing us the school was Gladys, no relation to the student we sponsor, and is still my contact there today. At the end of the school tour, she asked the tourists for donations to the school. It was toward the end of my trip, so I had very little cash left, so I got her email instead. When I came back and told the 2012-2013 MUN class about my trip, three girls started the Foundation.”

Oloolaimutia school has about 700 students, but only 10 teachers.

“The school is impoverished, overcrowded, and underfunded, lacking comforts that range from sanitary water to adequate school supplies,” says Shen. “The Foundation aims to raise money both for the Oololaimutia school and for the entire village in which it is located.”

MUN students work to preserve the traditions of the village by marketing the handmade jewelry and by maximizing opportunities for children by supporting the village school.

LBHS model solar generator

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Submitted photo

In 2016, fundraising provided a hybrid wind solar generator for electricity at the school

Odin Flores, a sophomore enrolled in the Model United Nations class, says, “The COVID-19 epidemic has hit our community hard, many people have become sick, others have lost their jobs, businesses have had to close. Our Laguna community is strong and caring, we help each other. For example, the Laguna Food Pantry is providing food for families having a hard time putting food on the table. 

“Each year our Model United Nations class has raised funds for Maasai Oololaimutia Village in Kenya. In the past, our organization has brought the village sustainable energy, desks for the school, and funded two kids to go to secondary school. However, all our fundraising is done through our annual conference which isn’t happening this year as a result of COVID-19.” 

Since 2012, the MUN class has supported the Maasai Oololaimutia Village. In 2014, the class donated 75 new desks to the school and also helped the women of the village sell their handmade jewelry. In 2016, they provided electricity for the classroom through a hybrid wind solar generator. In 2018, they sponsored two students ($1,000 per year) Mainka and Gladys to go to secondary school. 

LBHS model two students

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Submitted photo

In 2018, funds from the conference sent Mainka and Gladys to secondary school

Flores continues, “Unfortunately this pandemic has hit the Maasai people even harder than our community as they are dependent on tourism for work and receive no government safety net. The pandemic has exacerbated their ability to keep their families from starving, and it is a battle for survival.”

LBHS Teacher and Technology Coordinator Shen says, “I can’t express enough my amazement and pride in our MUN students. Since the moment school closed in March, they have been engaging in some deep learning and discussions about pandemics, especially how they impact developing countries like Kenya. They are the ones who initiated and organized this fundraiser event out of their willingness to serve and learn; that’s exactly the kind of future leaders I want our young people to be.” 

LBHS model kids

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Submitted photo

The Maasai Village needs help fighting poverty, starvation, and disease 

“The students not only organized this fundraiser, but a Virtual UN Debate Simulation in which they studied and role-played as world leaders in order to discuss solutions to this pandemic. The level of discussion and critical thinking was truly amazing.”   

One thing Shen would like potential supporters to know is that there is no middle-man in their fundraising activities. Other than a $45 international bank transfer fee, every penny makes it to the village. “I work directly with a teacher from the village school that I met eight years ago when I was there and I send funds straight to her to be used to help her people and school. We are at $847 so far, and we hope to reach $2,000 by the official end of the school year on June 12.” 

To help the Maasai Village fight poverty, starvation, and disease, donate on Venmo @Laguna-Maasai.

LCAD celebrates class of 2020 commencement ceremony online

Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) hosted its first online Commencement ceremony through YouTube Live on Friday, May 22. The video can be viewed here. 

Hélène Garrison, Ph.D., chief operating officer and provost, welcomed more than 1,500 viewers to the ceremony. She introduced Tim Rhodes, a senior Drawing & Painting major who recorded his final National Anthem performance as an LCAD student. He has sung at the past three LCAD commencements. 

Jonathan Burke, president of LCAD, acknowledged the uphill journey this year’s class faced since March 2020 as the College transitioned to online learning to observe state-mandated stay-at-home orders.

LCAD celebrates family

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Submitted photo

Chapman Hamborg celebrates his BFA in Drawing + Painting with Sculpture Emphasis with his family

“Today we come together to acknowledge your achievements, but I would be remiss if I didn’t recognize the greater LCAD community who recently and with great devotion recreated your learning experience so you could complete you education within the time frame of this term,” Burke said. “Our hope is that you continue to strive for greater levels of creative accomplishments and use those skills throughout your lives.”

Jared Mathis, chair of LCAD Board of Trustees, also congratulated the class of 2020. “You’ve completed an important step in your journey, and we couldn’t be prouder,” he said. “We believe in your promise, your energy, your intellect, your talent, and the beauty you will most certainly bring into the world.”

Each graduate was acknowledged with a photo and a sample of their work as their name was announced by the chair of their respective. 

Kimya Ramezani, an LCAD senior majoring in Graphic Design + Digital Media with a minor in User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Design, addressed her fellow graduates. Although she was looking forward to dressing in her cap and gown, she expressed great pride in what she and her fellow seniors achieved in their LCAD journey.

LCAD celebrates Kimya

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Submitted photo

Kimya Ramezani, an LCAD senior majoring in Graphic Design + Digital Media with a minor in User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Design

“We worked so hard to get here,” she said. “Even though the sudden change in our plans feels jarring, it’s important not to dwell on the things we’re missing, or we might overlook the beautiful aspect of where we’ve arrived.” She not only noted their achievements as artists and designers, but the way that the LCAD community came together to support each other through challenges.

LCAD also found an innovative way to continue its tradition of connecting industry professionals with graduating seniors at its 16th Annual Industry Open House. The annual event, hosted by LCAD Career Services, provides an exclusive opportunity for select industry professionals to meet the next generation of artists and designers.

With the theme “The Show Must Go Online,” select graduating seniors met with industry professionals online. Student projects were posted on a dedicated site, including mobile games and apps, character design, game design, virtual and augmented reality, brand design in action sports, illustration, drawing, and more. This year, there were more than 11,000-page views, double the views in previous years.

LCAD celebrates Grant

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Grant Hier, longtime LCAD Liberal Arts Professor and Poet Laureate of the City of Anaheim, gives the class of 2020 a thumbs up

“The online format opened up this event to industry partners who had not been able to travel to our annual event, giving our students more opportunities to share their portfolios and receive valuable career insight from representatives of brands they aspire to work with,” said Robin Fuld, director of career services at LCAD. “This event opens up a pipeline for our students to make valuable connections to move forward into careers pertinent to their fields of study.”

More than thirty companies participated in this year’s Industry Open House including Blizzard, Disney Animation, Laika, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Scientific Games, Shawmut Corporation, Six Point Harness, Sony Pictures, Stance, Taco Bell, Vans, and more. Company reps reviewed student portfolios online and then conducted casual interviews through Zoom or phone.

For Stella Zhang, who received her BFA in Graphic Design + Digital Media, Industry Open House presented a new opportunity after her internship at Imaginary Forces was cut short by the COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. “My experience with them exceeded my expectations. My experiences in the Nike honors class and the Anaheim Ducks class gave me an edge among my fellow interns and I feel more confident meeting with potential employers,” she said.

Tyler Letson, who majored in Animation has been a freelance storyboard artist during his last two years at LCAD. He stressed the importance for future grads to start working while they’re in school to get a leg up in their industry. “When you pursue work outside of class, it makes you a better artist, and you build a portfolio and skill sets that distinguish you as a professional,” he said. 

Nonetheless, he looked forward to meeting with more industry representatives to broaden his network and job potential. “I love my work so much that I’ll never stop,” he said.

For more information about LCAD, visit

14th Annual Laguna Beach All Sports Awards: Logan Brooks and Morgan Falkowski named top athletes

On Wednesday, Laguna Beach Athletics announced the 2020 Athletic Boosters Athlete Awards for the 2019-20 term, honoring the top male and female athletes of the year as well as the top academic senior male and female athletes and the top senior athletes of character. 

This is the fourteenth year the Athletic Department and the parent Athletic Boosters organization have honored seniors at the high school, now completing their 86th season of competition.

This year’s selections:

Coach of the Year

Steve Lalim – Girls Cross Country & Track 

The Thurston teacher has completed his twelfth season at the helm, capturing his eleventh league title and his best team performance in the Southern Section Division 4 championships. Seven of Coach Lalim’s teams have qualified for the State finals, including this season’s fifth place squad.

Scholar Athletes

Caden Capobianco – Boys Water Polo, Swimming

Caden is a decorated goalkeeper who earned first team All-Sunset Surf honors in 2018 and 2019, All-County and first team All-CIF honors in 2019. Caden will be continuing his education at the US Naval Academy.

14th Annual Capobianco

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Courtesy of LB Athletics

Caden Capobianco

Soren Patchell – Indoor and Sand Volleyball

Soren finished her indoor volleyball career statistically in the top five all-time Laguna rally scoring era players (since 2003). Selected first team All-Sunset Wave League in 2018 and 2019, she also earned first team All-CIF honors in 2018 and second team All-County. On the sand, Soren was 11-3 in pairs play the past two seasons. She will be continuing her career as an Art major at Brigham Young University.

14th Annual Patchell

Click on photo for a larger image

Courtesy of LB Athletics

Soren Patchell

Female Athlete of Character

Grace Houlahan – Girls Water Polo, Swimming

This Princeton-bound athlete appeared in 86 games in her four-year career with Laguna including back-to-back Division I CIF title games. Grace scored 25 goals, dished out 35 assists, and registered 46 steals in her career.

14th Annual Houlahan

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Courtesy of LB Athletics

Grace Houlahan 

Male Athlete of Character

Will Potratz – Boys Basketball, Baseball

Will played in 27 of 29 boys basketball games this season and eight of nine baseball games. He scored eight of the team’s 75 runs this season for Laguna and finished the COVID-shortened season ranked #1 in Division 3. He will be attending California (Berkeley) this fall.

14th Annual Portraz

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Courtesy of LB Athletics

Will Potratz 

Female Athlete of the Year

Morgan Falkowski – Cross Country & Track

Morgan was All-CIF this past season in cross country, leading the team to a second-place overall team finish. She also earned her second consecutive All-League honors at the annual Sunset Wave League Meet. She will be attending University of California Santa Barbara in the fall.

Coach Liam says of Morgan’s honor, “Morgan is so deserving of this award. She has so worked hard and has done everything the right way in her four years in cross country and track at LBHS. She’s a great teammate, she’s an outstanding leader, she’s a competitor, and when she has a goal in mind, she’s gonna do everything she can to accomplish that goal. Morgan is not only an outstanding athlete, but she is an amazing person. Morgan always puts her teammates first and will do whatever it takes to make the team successful. I’m extremely proud of Morgan!”

14th Annual Falkowski

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Courtesy of LB Athletics

Morgan Falkowski 

Male Athlete of the Year

Logan Brooks – Cross Country & Track

Two-time All-State and All-CIF Division 4 runner in cross country, Logan won the 2019 Sunset Conference Cross Country League Meet, outrunning the other 53 athletes representing all eight conference schools. At the State CIF meet in Fresno, he finished third overall in the Division 4 race. Stats include: 

2018 Cross Country – Sunset League Champs, All-League, CIF Prelims, CIF Champs, All-CIF, All-State, State Champs; 2019 Track – CIF Prelims, Arcadia Champion 4x1600, All-American; 2019 Cross Country – Team MVP, Sunset League Champs, League Individual Champ, CIF Prelims, CIF, All-CIF, All-State, State. 

Logan will be continuing his career at University of California Irvine on an athletic scholarship.

Lisa, Logan’s mother, says, “Logan has true grit. When life threw him a terrible loss, he could have given up, taken the easy way out, and thrown away everything he’d been working toward. But instead, he honored his father’s legacy by being everything his father expected him to be and then some. No matter what life throws him, Logan has shown that he has what it takes to overcome the circumstances and successfully prevail!”

14th Annual Brooks

Click on photo for a larger image

Courtesy of the Brooks Family

Logan Brooks 

Past Female Athlete of the Year selections

2020 - Morgan Falkowski, Cross Country & Track 

2019 - Claire Kelly, Swimming & Water Polo

2018 - Alexandra McKeown, Sand & Indoor Volleyball

2017 - Aria Fischer, Water Polo & Swimming

2016 - Alexandra Lewis, Basketball

2015 - Makenzie Fischer, Water Polo & Swimming

2014 - Makenzie Fischer, Water Polo, Swimming 

2013 - Haley Putnam, Softball

2012 - Marina Paul, Soccer, Volleyball & Track

2011 - Taylor Pitz, Surfing

2010 - Madeline Jaeger, Tennis

2009 - Annika Dries, Water Polo & Swimming

2008 - Dana Hutchinson, Volleyball

2007 - Alexandra Crowley, Cross Country, Track

Past Male Athlete of the Year selections

2020 - Logan Brooks, Cross Country & Track

2019 - Colton Gregory, Water Polo & Swimming

2018 - Blake Burzell, Baseball & Basketball

2017 - Bruce Knill, Football, Soccer & Volleyball

2016 - Jack Simon, Football &  Baseball

2015 - Jack Dodson, Water Polo & Swimming

2014 - Noah Blanton, Basketball & Volleyball

2013 - Drake Martinez, Football & Track

2012 - Derek Reigel, Football, Basketball

2011 - Chris Paul, Football & Baseball

2010 - Travis Woloson, Volleyball

2009 - Ryan Lawler, Basketball

2008 - Pierre Masson, Water Polo & Swimming

2007 - Charlie Bowman, Football, Basketball & Baseball

Congratulations to all the honorees!

Annamarie McIntosh: Stu News salutes Laguna Beach High School 2020 Graduating Senior

Annamarie McIntosh is well known for being the 2019 Orange County top seller of 5,124 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, but that is just part of what this graduating senior is capable of. Her diverse interests include reading, coding, animation, design, musical theatre, sewing, and costuming/cosplay, to name just a few. But all things Disney are what Annamarie loves the most. She loves spending time at Disneyland, and is very interested in becoming a Disney Imagineer, where her varied skills and creativity can be put to use. She will be attending Irvine Valley College (IVC) in the fall, to explore what discipline and pathway to concentrate on in order to accomplish her goal.   

Annamarie McIntosh Disneyland

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Annamarie loves all things Disney

 Annamarie is part of a Cosplay group called Kids Can Cosplay ( The group does charity events and visits kids in hospitals, costumed as princesses, movie characters, and super heroes. 

Her dad Steve says, “She finds it very gratifying to see the smiles on the kids’ faces, when they walk in the room. And for a moment, the kids forget they are in a hospital.” 

She has also been accepted into the highly selective Star Wars group called Rebel Legion (, an organization dedicated to the making and wearing of screen-accurate, replica Star Wars costumes and props. The group is sanctioned by Lucas Films and appears at official Star Wars events and hundreds of charity functions around the world. 

Annamarie McIntosh Star Wars

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Annamarie participates in Rebel Legion, a Star Wars group

“She can’t wait for these programs to start again so she can continue to give back to the community,” says Steve.

For the past four years, Annamarie has been actively involved in LBHS Choral performances and the Drama program. She is at home on stage, as well as back stage, and as production manager. She loves all things theatre and was looking forward to performing in her last musical, Beauty and The Beast, before it was canceled. 

When asked, “Annamarie McIntosh, you just graduated from high school! What are you going to do?” Of course she’ll say, “I’m going to Disneyland! (or Disney World, whichever one opens first…)”

Congratulations, Annamarie!  Keep wishing upon a star.     

In order to celebrate our graduating seniors’ achievements together as a community, we would like to extend an invitation to graduating seniors and their parents to submit announcements about college acceptances and plans for next year. Please submit your information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Laguna Beach High School finalizes drive-through graduation on Thursday, June 11

Laguna Beach High School has finalized its drive-through graduation protocol. On June 11, 2020, between 9 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., approximately 254 Laguna Beach High School seniors will caravan to the LBHS Guyer Field to be honored and pick up their LBHS diploma. The Laguna Beach Police Department will lead the caravan from the front of the procession. 

Laguna Beach car

Click on photo for a larger image

Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Class of 2020 graduates will pick up their diplomas on June 11

Community members and school staff will stand along the route and perimeter of the campus during the caravan and cheer on students while holding banners. Senior families will enter Guyer Stadium via Short Street and drive along the visitor side of the track (on carpeted covering); on St. Ann’s Drive, senior students will exit the vehicle at the staging area at the east end of Guyer Field.

This event is planned according to social-distancing protocols. Students, staff, and parents will be instructed to maintain six feet of distance from one another.

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