During the holiday season, encourage kindness in our City by taking the Greeter Pledge

Laguna Beach has a long history of greeting one another. For over one hundred years, Laguna has had official and unofficial greeters welcoming residents with a wave and a smile. Neighbors greet one another at our community gatherings, Hospitality Night, the Patriots Day Parade, and the Brooks Street Surfing Classic Contest.

Here are some ways you can be a greeter and encourage kindness in our City: 

Take the Greeter Pledge, which says, “I pledge to follow the Greeter Principles by being friendly, welcoming, open-minded, and respectful. I will greet people with a smile. I will have the compassion not to be a bully, and the courage not to be a bystander. I will make a positive difference in my community.” 

During the rock

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Paint an inspiring message on a rock and put it on Instagram with hashtag #rockonLB

Pledging also asks the question, “How will you make a positive difference in your community?” and “How will you work to end bullying?”

Here are some examples: 

Paint a rock with a reassuring message and place it somewhere in town people will find it (in a park, on a trail, at a playground). Take a photo of it for Instagram and include the hashtag #rockonLB. The RockOn LB movement encourages people to leave rocks painted with inspiring messages along the path of life. You never know when a kind word could make a world of difference in someone’s day.

Exemplify the Principles of a Greeter in your everyday life: Be friendly, welcoming, open-minded, respectful, and greet people with a smile. 

During the Ability Awareness

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Ability Awareness Project members march during Patriots Day Parade

Include people, don’t exclude. Practice being a good upstander and spread compassion wherever you go – remember, kindness is contagious! Take the pledge to stand up against bullying and #BeAGreeter.

After you take the Greeter Pledge, visit the Community and Susi Q Center at 380 Third St to pick up your free #BeAGreeter sticker until December 31. Put it on your car, water bottle, laptop or surfboard and spread the word about the #BeAGreeter mission. 

Learn more about other anti-bullying efforts, including the Ability Awareness Project. The group’s mission is to build a united interconnected world, free of bullying and their vision is to ensure that everyone is respectful and kind to one another and that no one suffers from social isolation and bullying.

For more information about taking the Greeter Pledge, go to www.lagunabeachcity.net/cityhall/community/be_a_greeter.htm.

For information about RockOn LB, go to www.litlaguna.com/ROCKONLB.

For information about Ability Awareness, go to www.kindandsafeschools.org.

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