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Dear Laguna Beach Community,

Hats off to our Laguna Beach Lifeguards! 100 lifeguards are now deployed on our city beaches every single day from now until the end of summer. These dedicated lifeguards staff 50 lifeguard towers along our coastline each day, ensuring the safety and enjoyment of everyone at the beach.

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Courtesy of City of Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach Mayor Sue Kempf

Last weekend was the opening weekend of summer staffing, and in only two days lifeguards made 280 rescues and 16,379 public contacts (June 15 and 16) across city beaches. WOW!

During the busy summer months, our lifeguards are the critical first responders to emergencies in and out of the water. Their dedication, skill and quick thinking save lives and prevents countless accidents. From performing rescues and administering first aid to educating beachgoers on safety practices, our lifeguards are the backbone of our beach safety.

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Courtesy of City of Laguna Beach

The full team of Laguna Beach lifeguards making our beaches safer this summer

So, next time you’re at the beach, join me in taking a moment to thank a lifeguard. Their hard work and commitment make Laguna Beach a safer and more enjoyable place for everyone.

Speaking of our lifeguards – it was so cool to see the Marine Safety Department’s new rescue vessel, “Wave Watch,” patrolling our shores for the first time last weekend. Wave Watch is a game-changer for us, filling a crucial seven-and-a-half-mile gap in our offshore rescue capabilities. This isn’t just a new piece of gear; it’s a symbol of our commitment to keeping everyone safe.

Give Wave Watch a “wave” next time you see the crew out on the water.

On Saturday, we invite you to join the City of Laguna Beach and CR&R at a town hall meeting to discuss the transition of the city’s waste-hauling services to CR&R as of July 1. Over the past few months, CR&R and city staff have consistently participated in transition planning meetings. Formal communication regarding the transition plan began after the City Council chose CR&R as the city’s new waste hauler last summer.

Container exchanges will begin on July 1 and will be completed by October 4. Per California Senate Bill 1383, all customers are required to have landfill, recycling and organics services. Also, all residents will now be billed directly by CR&R.

To change or confirm your billing address, call Laguna Beach’s dedicated Customer Service line at 949.662.3819.

To receive service-related communications, including notifications for the upcoming CR&R container exchanges, update your contact information by clicking here and completing the form.

Throughout this transitional phase, the city recognizes the importance of transparency and effective communication. Join us this Saturday, June 22 in the City Council Chambers from 10-11:30 a.m. for a Town Hall meetings to answer your questions about the transition. You can also click here for more information.

If the professionalism, enthusiasm and organization we’ve seen thus far from CR&R is any indication, I think residents and businesses are going to be pleased with the level of service CR&R will bring to the Laguna Beach community.

We’re also gearing up for the 2024 City of Laguna Beach 4th of July Drone Show celebration. The drone show begins at 9 p.m. from Monument Point in Heisler Park on Thursday, July 4. Large crowds are anticipated for the July 4th holiday and the cty is requesting the public’s cooperation to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for residents and visitors. Click here for all the details.

As a reminder – all fireworks of any kind are illegal in Laguna Beach. Let’s all do our part to reduce fire risk and keep fireworks out of our community. If you see or hear illegal fireworks being used in Laguna Beach, call our non-emergency hotline at 949.497.0701.

Our summer season has started – get out there and enjoy it this weekend!

Sue Kempf, Mayor

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