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Jeffrey Briar featured at UUFLB on January 7

Join the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Laguna Beach (UUFLB) for a joyful start to the new year with Jeffrey Briar, the director of the Laughter Yoga Institute (originally based in Laguna Beach).

The service is at 429 Cypress Drive in North Laguna on Sunday, Jan. 7 at 10:45 a.m. Dogs are welcome!

Briar has a long history with the UUFLB. For many years, he held his Laughter Yoga leader training programs at their building as well as playing the piano at UUFLB on dozens of occasions.

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File photo/Courtesy of the Laughter Yoga Institute

Jeffrey Briar

Briar began studying Laughter Yoga with Dr. Kataria in 2005 and has since become one of the world’s foremost advocates of this good laughter work. An enthusiastic and infectiously positive teacher, he has been a coach for laughter and joy since the age of 17. His initial efforts were divided. He shared health building practices by teaching yoga, martial arts and physical education, while elsewhere he was evoking laughter as a comedy stage performer.

In Laughter Yoga, Briar found fulfillment of life, physical and spiritual ideals. He shares the Laughter Yoga technology in a clear and delightful manner, drawing on his decades of experience as a college educator. When Briar is your instructor, you learn a lot while having a whole lot of fun.

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