LBCAC adds new events for May

Through May 25 

Exhibition: Climate: Air, Earth and Water

April is Earth Month, an extension of the annually recognized Earth Day on April 22. In the 34 years since Earth Day went global, environmental awareness has improved. Our situation has not.

Climate: Air, Earth and Water is on display at LBCAC through May 25. Photographers Jacques Garnier and Tom Lamb are joined by artist Roberto Salas in this special exhibition.

Photos courtesy of LBCAC

Opera Re-Imagined – May 19

Saturday, May 18, 8 p.m.

Opera Re-Imagined: for the Mammas

In this event, LBCAC will be celebrating all “The Mammas” the Saturday after Mother’s Day. International piano sensation Lyena Atonyicq, pianist Mateo Weber and Laguna Tenor Rick Weber join LBCAC in memorializing Laguna Beach activist, mother and mentor Eileen Algaze.

Hailing from the cultural heart of Kiev, Ukraine, Lyena Atonyica is not just a concert pianist and music coach, but a maestro whose talents have graced prestigious stages across the U.S. and Europe, leaving audiences spellbound with her enchanting and harmonious performances.

Mateo Weber is making his second appearance at the Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center to share his love of piano, while drawn to music created by the French composers. In this performance, Mateo will open with the classic “Claire de Lune” by Debussy.

Step into the enchanting world of music with Rick Weber, the extraordinary “Laguna Tenor” whose voice embodies a fusion of classical training and boundless inspiration from the legendary tenors of our time. Join LBCAC in honoring the essence of motherhood with soul-stirring renditions of “Memory” and “All I Ask of You,” as they celebrate the legacy of those who shape our lives with love and grace.

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Laguna Piano Lover’s Soireé – May 19

Sunday, May 19, 4-7 p.m.

Laguna Piano Lover’s Soireé – A Songbird’s Summit

Celebrating Laguna’s Piano Community

The Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center (LBCAC) has stepped up to provide an exceptional space for Laguna’s piano-playing community. LBCAC is a preeminent venue for performing artists of both local and international renown. Join us for this gathering of like-minded musicians.

Oscar-winning Director and Producer Barry Levinson graciously donated his exquisite baby grand piano to the Center, ensuring a memorable event.

Special Guest Performances by:

Steve Wood Former member of the 1970s Southern California rock band Honk.

Norman Beede is well known as a musician in the ballet and modern dance world in L.A., Houston and New York as well as in the improvisation scene in Orange County and L.A.

Lyena Atonyicq: LBCAC’s own pianist and opera/piano coach Atonyicq is a concert pianist/coach with a masters in music.

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Wednesday, May 22, 6:30 p.m.

SOS – The San Onofre Syndrome: Nuclear Power’s Legacy

Filmed over 12 years, SOS – The San Onofre Syndrome: Nuclear Power’s Legacy dramatically chronicles how Southern California residents came together to force the shutdown of an aging nuclear power plant only to be confronted by an alarming reality: tons of nuclear waste left near a popular beach, only 100 feet from the rising sea, that – with radioactivity lasting millions of years – menaces present and future generations.

The film portrays San Onofre as a microcosm of this national problem – the mismanagement of lethal radioactive waste. This is a syndrome shared by all 55 nuclear reactor sites across the United States.

SOS spotlights the essential role citizens must play to ensure public safety is the top priority. Told largely from the perspective of five main characters, the film shows how they mobilize their communities as they become experts on the issues and tactically wiser in the face of adversity.

SOS – The San Onofre Syndrome is a critical warning that America’s 55 nuclear power plants, each with their own tons of intensely radioactive waste lasting millennia – in inadequate temporary containers with no plans to repair them – are putting their local communities and national security at grave risk.

SOS is an urgent call to action. Will viewers rally to embrace this lifeline in time?

Directed by James Heddle, Mary Beth Brangan and Morgan Peterson, and produced by Mary Beth Brangan, the film is a production of EON – The Ecological Options Network, features nuclear experts Donna Gilmore, Dan Hirsch, Gordon Edwards, activists Karen Hadden, Rose Gardner, Torgen Johnson, Gary and Laurie Headrick and key whistleblowers.

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Luke Pytel Band – May 31

Friday, May 31, 8 p.m.

Luke Pytel Band

Known for his fiery guitar playing along with his solid vocals and high energy blues. When you catch his band, be ready to interact with him and sing along as you will be a part of the show.

For more than 17 years, Pytel has backed up many artists at Blue Chicago including Shirley Johnson, Big Time Sarah, Nellie Travis, Grana Louise, Laretha Weathersby, Claudette Miller and Sheryl Youngblood. In addition, he has performed with local and national legends of the blues: Jimmy Johnson, Chico Banks, Big James Montgomery and Buddy Guy, to name a few.

Pytel, now leading his own band for the past 13 years, will bring you the sounds of old school blues, contemporary blues, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King and many more.

Having been fortunate to travel the world, Pytel has performed in Belgium, France, England and Latvia, to name a few. He is a gifted and popular performer, and a valuable addition to the line-up at Blue Chicago.

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Laguna Beach Cultural Arts Center concessions available, not currently ADA accessible, steep stairs only.

LBCAC is located at 235 Forest Ave., Newport Beach.

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