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LBCAC adds new events to 2024

Saturday, Jan. 5, and Sunday, Jan. 6, from 7:30-9:50 p.m.

Change the Game, A Rock Musical

To win an election, you have to build your house on rock not sand. Don’t let the developers tear down the house. Give the rock a great guitar solo. And make sure you’re on time for class.

Synopsis: the students at Cal. State San Marita want to take on big-money developers. They ask their political philosophy professor to run for office, after all, he seems to know about grassroots empowerment. Powered by Grandma’s tamales and books by Paulo Freire and Gloria Anzaldúa, they find a winning message about community when the community is patchwork of different ethnicities and blended races. But getting a foothold only turns up the pressure. Will they play ball with the bare-knuckled Governor? Is grandma right about Brenda’s good-looking but overly ambitious boyfriend? Is winning everything, or just better than losing? What happened to all those ideas in Pedagogy of the Oppressed? Maybe the bottom-line political question isn’t how to win, but how to change the game.

For tickets, click here.

Photos courtesy of LBCAC

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Beth’s Tuesdays – January 9

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 7 p.m.

Beth’s Tuesdays is a monthly singer-songwriter’s showcase hosted by Beth Fitchet Wood.

Tickets $20 in advance, $25 at the door.

LBCAC is located at 235 Forest Ave., Laguna Beach.

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