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Letters to the Editor

Let’s educate the public on dog behavior

Our community would greatly benefit from updated, informative dog leash signs. Let’s get the word out and ask the community and city council to get these signs and install them in our parks.

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Laguna Beach is a tight-knit and caring community with many residents who foster and/or adopt rescue dogs with minimal knowledge on canine behavior, particularly with “rescued” dogs who have an uncertain and possibly traumatic past. The dog’s prior experiences may cause them to behave unpredictably out in public whether they are leashed or not.

Leash laws are in place within the community and there are signs to remind people of the law. However, not everyone is aware of why they are so important to follow. The sign pictured explains why the leash law is critical for the physical and psychological safety of all dogs and their owners, and I would like to see this sign posted all over Laguna Beach.

I am a lifetime resident in Laguna Beach, rescue dog owner and a volunteer with a local dog rescue. With a background in behavior modification and a basic understanding of behavioral triggers and post-traumatic stress disorder in dogs, I believe that it is imperative to teach the public why dogs should remain on leash in public settings even if their dog is “friendly.”

I have a reactive, but well-trained dog who was removed from a dangerous fight club situation and often ask others who are walking their dogs while mine are on leash to “watch their dogs.” The typical response is “why?”

This signage explains it all very clearly and posting this sign in public areas would greatly benefit the community.

Thank you so very much for assisting me in bringing Laguna Beach City Council and the community’s attention to this matter. Hopefully we can make positive changes and bring awareness of dog behavior to the public.

Kasey Konke

Laguna Beach

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