Letters to the Editor

Chaos at Tuesday’s City Council meeting threatens use of Zoom moving forward

At Tuesday night’s City Council meeting, the council and attendees were subjected to repetitive, hateful comments which included cursing, racial epithets, antisemitic and homophobic statements by callers on Zoom.

Like other organizations in our town, Village Laguna is in firm opposition to those who intentionally use disruptive methods to prevent our city business from taking place.

Village Laguna appreciates our City Council’s efforts to uphold our values of inclusivity, respect and integrity. We very much support the right to free speech and the right to engage in a democratic process using civil discourse. Unfortunately, what we experienced Tuesday night was anything but, and the meeting was closed and will be rescheduled.

Unfortunately, Laguna Beach residents and not the perpetrators of the Zoom bombing are being punished. Should the city decide to shut down the Zoom capability for all city meetings, as it is rumored, we hope this is only temporary. I hope a way to safely restore this important community participation tool will be found as soon as possible.

Anne Caenn, President

Village Laguna

Laguna Beach

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