Letters to the Editor

An L.A. housing idea may work in Laguna Beach

Los Angeles is building 16,150 affordable housing units to satisfy a state housing mandate. Laguna requires 400 units under the same mandate. Those requirements are very consistent in proportion to resident populations.

In 2022, Los Angeles’ obstacles to affordable development were addressed by an Executive Directive executed by L.A. Mayor Karen Bass. ED-1 shortened the approval process from a year to 60 days. The L.A. ED-1 streamlines affordable housing defined as five or more units at 80% Area Medium Income or HUD; there is a 20/80% provision for mixed housing also. The L.A. directive targets eligible neighborhoods that can meet the AMI/HUD specification.

In 2017, Laguna’s commercial vacancy rate was 7% where the county was 2.5%. Laguna could address affordable housing by Executive Directive also, targeting those vacant businesses with a proposal for reuse as mixed AMI/HUD housing.

Les Miklosy

Laguna Beach

No excuse to Dave Min’s driving under the influence

I lost my brother and sister-in-law to a drunk driver. David Min has the audacity to ask for forgiveness and wants us to vote for him. I say NO!

Know your facts before you vote!

Elaine Merz

Newport Beach

Disagreed with Min’s opportunity to share regret

I am a local Stu News reader. I think giving Dave Min a forum a few days before an election is out of bounds. It constitutes more than a full page of free political ad space. I am profoundly disappointed in your decision.

Louise Wade

Newport Beach

Dave Min has my vote

Dave Min has my vote. No other candidate, from either party, running for the 47th CD (Congressional District) seat can match his mastery and handling of the key issues: Saving democracy, addressing climate change, preserving women’s reproductive rights and advocating for gun regulations. He has the character and guts to publicly own his mistake and move beyond it. I trust that.

Tom Osbourne

Laguna Beach

Presidential vs. city politics

Now that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear Donald Trump’s claim of immunity in late April, I’d say we, the voters, won’t know if the former president is innocent or guilty of the federal charges against him before the November election.

I wonder how Laguna’s voters would feel if a candidate for city council was facing federal charges at the same time he or she was running for election? Would we simply look the other way and allow that person to campaign, or would we encourage (i.e. demand) said candidate drop out of the race?

Make no mistake about it, national politics eventually impacts local politics. I don’t know how voters coast to coast will react to Donald Trump’s candidacy this fall, but I am confident I know how Laguna voters would react if one of our own was seeking office while out on bail for federal crimes.

Denny Freidenrich

Laguna Beach

Love what Scott Brashier’s camera and eye bring to the pages of Stu News

I have subscribed to both Stu News Laguna and Newport.
Scott Brashier’s photos are wonderful! He’s so creative and
photographs amazing things because he has the gift to really SEE what’s in the world.

My thanks to Scott for so much pleasure.

Judy Walker

Newport Beach

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