Letters to the Editor

Forefathers might roll over in their graves over Independence Day display

Why would the city council take away the celebration of being American and watching fireworks? The environment? Cost? Sad dogs?

If the environment is concerning, they could put solar panels on city buildings like other cities. All city cars could be EV. If Laguna Beach really aspires to advocate for the environment this would be more effective.

The drone show was poor. More importantly, the spirit of it was misguided. Fireworks are a visual and auditory reminder of the war that won our Independence. The drone show instead advertised the city, the Olympic team and even the lifeguard tower.

The holiday is about our Independence.

Fireworks are a once-a-year glory. The light silhouetting the palm trees; the cast of a colorful glow over the water; not to mention retaining the spirit of what our forefathers fought for. Francis Scott Key is rolling over in his grave on this sad day.

Interestingly, the drone show was more expensive than the traditional show.

So, is it about sad dogs? Perhaps their owners could explain to them the benefits of being a dog in America. The dogs will forgive us.

Gee Whiz.

Roderick Reed

Laguna Beach

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