Prevent distracted thefts

By Nicole Rice, Community Services Officer, Crime Prevention, LBPD

Distracted thefts are happening around the nation. Be alert of this potential crime. Distracted thefts are when a group of thieves distract you with a set of questions, concerns or selling tactics. The goal is to avert your attention away from your personal belongings.

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Courtesy of LBPD

Don’t be a target for distracted thefts

Below are examples of distracted thefts:

–Someone approaches you in a store and asks about a product. It distracts you and you respond. Their partner is then able to steal your purse while you aren’t looking.

–You park and begin to leave your car when a person approaches you and asks for directions. While you answer, another person sneaks on the other side of the car to steal your wallet left in the car.

–You are walking down the street and approached by two women selling jewelry. They have you try it on and when they remove it, they take your real necklace.

These thieves appear friendly and typically use others or children to cause a distraction. They are hoping that you do not notice their sleight of hand movements to steal belongings. It can happen anywhere – a store, gas station, a park, etc.

If you believe you have been a victim of this crime or have a suspicious event happen, please call 911 for an emergency or 949. 497.0701 to report a crime.

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