Staff presents LBUSD’s three-year blueprint for student success and school improvement

On Thursday evening (May 23), Laguna Beach Unified School District (LBUSD) staff presented the updated Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) for 2024-2027 to the Board of Education and community. This strategic document, required by the State of California, outlines the district’s commitment to enhancing student outcomes through goal-oriented actions aligned with state education priorities. Comprehensive feedback from the community informed the development of the 2024-2027 LCAP, gathered through an annual survey conducted earlier in the school year and a series of engagement sessions. These inputs were crucial in shaping the plan’s focus on improving college and career readiness and social-emotional competencies and ensuring safe, equitable and inclusive schools.

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LBUSD instructional teams will continue to focus on high-quality instruction

Significant updates in the new LCAP include:

–To address the state indicator area of academic performance in English language arts and mathematics, LBUSD instructional teams will continue to focus on high-quality, rigorous, standards-based instruction designed to provide students with engaging and meaningful learning experiences.

–Students who need foundational academic skills will be provided with supplemental, targeted interventions through school-based, multi-tiered support systems.

–Engaging elementary and middle school students in early career exploration through enrichment offerings, elective courses, design thinking, real-world problem-solving, learning exhibitions, career talks, industry partners/community mentors and integration of career pathway connections embedded within core content instruction.

–Integrating professional learning opportunities focused on understanding and incorporating the competencies in the LBUSD Learner Profile and Framework for the Future.

–Providing a comprehensive health education curriculum that promotes the health and safety of students by helping them establish lifelong healthy patterns.

The plan also includes maintaining safe, clean and functional school facilities to create supportive learning environments for all students. The LCAP will undergo annual reviews to ensure it remains responsive to the community’s needs and continues to promote student success in alignment with state standards.

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