Surf & Sand Resort lends a hand: Boosting beach and park clean-up in Laguna Beach

In a collaborative effort to keep our city’s parks and beaches pristine, the Landscape Maintenance Division of the Public Works & Utilities Department has partnered with the Surf & Sand Resort to bolster park maintenance staff. Since Memorial Day, the Surf & Sand Resort has generously provided additional staff to volunteer and assist in maintaining some of Laguna Beach’s most cherished outdoor spaces.

Photos courtesy of City of Laguna Beach

(L-R) Surf & Sand employee Oscar Huerta joins Laguna Beach Public Works employee Reggie Christia, and the Surf & Sand’s Ivonne Chagolla, Cinthya Lopez and Erica Zotea working together at Main Beach Park

The partnership was initiated as the Surf & Sand Resort undergoes significant renovations, which temporarily left many of their employees without work. Rather than furloughing these workers, the resort reached out to the city to offer their services at no cost. This initiative not only keeps the hotel staff employed, but also enhances the upkeep of public areas.

“Our partnership with the Surf & Sand Resort has been a win/win for both sides,” said Reza Jafari, deputy director of Public Works. “We have been fortunate to be able to utilize extra staff from the Surf & Sand Resort to help keep our city parks and beaches looking clean.”

Cleaning up Heisler Park

The extra help has primarily been deployed at Main Beach and Heisler Park, two of the city’s most prominent parks. Their main tasks include weed removal, installing mulch in planters, sweeping excess sand from park pathways and staircases, and litter picking. This initiative, coordinated by Deputy Director Reza Jafari with daily oversight by Maintenance Lead Worker Chris Osuna, is expected to continue through the month of June.

The City of Laguna Beach extends its gratitude to the Surf & Sand Resort for this valuable partnership. The collaboration has not only ensured that our parks and beaches remain beautiful and welcoming for residents and visitors alike, but has also provided meaningful work for the resort’s staff during their renovation period.

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