Tech troubles? No problem, Susi Q is here to help every Thursday from 12-2 p.m.

Susi Q volunteer Lorraine Hornby is concerned. The computer science major, skilled in logic and problem-solving, wants to make sure that we understand how powerful our devices are, for better or worse – and how we can make the most of their positive features without compromising our personal information.

Hornby is part of a team that volunteers its time at the Susi Q to help locals who find themselves flummoxed by the complexities of our computerized existence.

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Lorraine Hornby

The techies spend Thursday from 12-2 p.m. at the Susi Q center, willing and able to answer questions from the most basic to the most involved. No appointment is necessary.

“There’s no reason to be embarrassed about what you don’t know about your phone and other devices,” Hornby stressed. “We’re carrying around powerful computers and it can be overwhelming at times to attempt to comprehend the capabilities, to understand how to make the most of the technology and to figure out what unexpected notifications might mean, for example.”

Hornby said that the volunteer team answers a wide range of questions.

“Recently I helped someone navigate the DMV website to renew her driver’s license. We can help people hunt down a file they’ve lost or help them organize their information on their laptops,” she added. “I love helping people – not that we immediately have all the answers, but we work together to find solutions.”

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Volunteer Team, (L-R): Ray Sutton, Ann Marie McKay, Lorraine Hornby and Fred Sharman

Hornby’s primary advice is simple: The most important thing is to slow down, take time to read error or odd messages, and not just keep tapping.

“It is best to write down your question before you come to the center,” she advised. “That helps formulate the issue for you and for us.”

Hornby will be giving a special presentation, “Tech Talk: Understanding Important IPhone Settings” on Thursday, March 28 from 1-2 p.m. For more information, visit To RSVP by phone, call 949.715.8105, or email Class size is limited to 25 students.

“Understanding the basics of these settings will help you control your phone, instead of having your phone control you!” she concluded.

The Susi Q offers a wide range of educational and fun programs, classes and clubs for older adults – though all ages are welcome. The Susi Q’s Care Management Department provides free consultation, education and practical resources for vulnerable seniors, enabling them to stay safe, informed and independent. For more information on The Susi Q, the portal to access the best of Laguna’s community resources, visit

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