The day of love is here to celebrate

Tired of trite gifts? Give R Star consideration.

During the season of love and affection, (which really is every day), it’s time to rethink the traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. Instead of flowers and chocolates that soon wither or are consumed, why not give a gift that keeps on giving? Show your love in a bigger way by helping those you will never meet. It will impress your own Valentine with such thinking by your action. This Valentine’s Day, consider supporting R Star Foundation by gifting a goat to a woman and her family in need. ($200 for a pretty female, $275 for a randy male or any part thereof.)

Courtesy of RStar Foundation

This Valentine’s Day, consider gifting a goat to support R Star Foundation’s work to improve the lives of impoverished women in Nepal

R Star Foundation is a nonprofit organization 501(c)(3), dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished women in Nepal. Their mission is to provide education, healthcare and sustainable community development projects to the people of this beautiful country where they can.

By choosing to gift a goat through the R Star Foundation, you’ll be sharing love and compassion with those who need it most. Your gift will not only bring happiness to the recipient, but also make a lasting impact on the lives of entire communities.

To learn more about the R Star Foundation, visit the website at Let’s make this year’s Valentine’s Day a celebration of love, hope and generosity.

For more information, contact, or call 949.497.4911.

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