The Plant Man: Answering your April planting questions

By Steve Kawaratani

“Sweet April showers do spring May flowers.” –Thomas Tusser

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Photos courtesy of Steve Kawaratani

Steve Kawaratani

With spring’s arrival well underway in Laguna and beyond, our gardens burst into blooming possibilities, with the scent of the season filling the air. As we celebrate the wonders of gardening, let’s take pleasure in every moment, as April gardening is part of nature’s exquisite promise of renewal.

Let’s get back to the garden with the Plant Man, where our village charm, vibrant blooms and the promise of longer and warmer days inspire your garden questions.

Q: Do April showers really bring May flowers?

A: The short answer is yes!

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The finest kind of homegrown veggies

Q: What edibles do you recommend now?

A: I am enjoying the sweetness of homegrown strawberries, the crispness of lettuce and the zing of bell peppers.

Q: Can I grow instant color flowers in containers?

A: With warmer weather predicted between April showers, consider geraniums, petunias and marigolds to provide color in a flash.

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This sunrise is a reminder that spring will bring more sunny days

Q: Is there an easy sustainable practice I can introduce to my garden?

A: Utilize an organic compost to enrich and retain soil moisture.

Q: How can I introduce fragrance into my garden?

A: Fragrant favorites such as lavender, jasmine or citrus blossoms will fill your garden with their splendid perfume.

April beckons gardeners to embrace the beauty of the season. With delectable edibles, sustainable practices and abundant blooms, gardening becomes a creative and fulfilling pursuit. Let’s participate during our fabulous April weather and cultivate our gardens with joy. May the wonders of spring gardening unfold for you and yours. See you next time.

Steve Kawaratani has been a local guy for seven decades and likes to garden and drive the Baja Peninsula with Catharine and Loki. He can be reached at, or 949.494.5141.

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