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April 5, 2024

Hello Laguna Beach!

In Sacramento, committee hearings on 2,100+ proposed bills are in full swing. I spend much of my time meeting with groups and individuals advocating their various legislative issues coming before my committees. This month, we will face a major deadline: All bills with a cost impact to the state must be voted through a policy committee by April 26.

This week, I was added to a seventh committee: Privacy and Consumer Protection. I have replaced Assemblymember Vince Fong, who is running for Congress. I am looking forward to working with a whole new area of the law.

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Photos courtesy of the Office of Assemblymember Diane Dixon

Assemblywoman Diane Dixon (R-Newport Beach)

For me, a typical day consists of committee hearings overlapping with one another as we all scurry from one meeting to another. I am either presenting my own bill, serving as a committee member, or both. A lot of steps are achieved in this process walking back and forth between the Capitol building and our legislative offices across the street. I have hit 10,000 steps nearly every day, but who’s counting? On a more serious note, my staff and I are working hard to push my bill package through the process. Below are several of my bills to highlight for you this month:

AB 1931, or Kayleigh’s Law, will allow victims of heinous crimes to seek a lifetime injunction against their perpetrator. Current law allows for temporary restraining orders, or protective orders, in cases of domestic violence, harassment, elder abuse and other crimes to protect victims. These protective orders only provide short-term relief and require a victim to face their perpetrator in court every time the order is close to expiration. This bill will provide critical protections for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The bill is currently awaiting a hearing date with the Assembly Public Safety Committee. Two weeks ago I held a press conference on my bill and several news outlets picked it up. You can watch it here. This is an important bill to every victim of sexual abuse.

AB 2121 – California has 1,801 licensed alcoholism and substance use treatment facilities (aka sober living or recovery homes) statewide, with 331 of these facilities located in Orange County. This bill would provide consistency for adult alcoholism and substance use recovery or treatment facilities with all other state-licensed group homes. It will protect existing neighborhoods, in addition to residents recovering in state-licensed group homes, by ensuring with distancing requirements there is not an overconcentration of these facilities in one neighborhood. This bill has been referred to the Assembly Committee on Health and is awaiting a hearing date.

AB 2626 will extend for 10 years the Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) compliance dates for local governments for their medium- and heavy-duty vehicles as required in the Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation. This extension would allow ZEV and battery manufacturers to advance technologies to address issues specific to these specialty fleet vehicles. Unfortunately, the Assembly Transportation Committee has indicated that it does not plan to set this bill for a hearing and instead encourages cities and agencies to work directly with the California Air Resources Board. I do not agree this is the best solution for our cities (or small and large businesses).

Next month I will update you on any bills successfully making it through their policy committees. There is progress!

In the district, I was thrilled to celebrate Women’s History Month. I honored Marcia Manker as my 2024 Woman of the Year. Manker serves as the current CEO for MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center in Laguna Hills and Orange Coast Center in Fountain Valley, which are leading acute-care hospitals serving the communities of Orange County. As CEO, she is helping to revolutionize women’s healthcare in south Orange County with the new MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center Women’s Health Pavilion targeted to open this summer. Additionally, Manker oversees all hospital operations, strategy development and business initiatives. With a commitment to mentoring other women, she embodies everything this award stands for. I am delighted to honor her with this recognition. Congratulations, Marcia Manker!

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Assemblymember Diane Dixon (R) presents Marcia Manker, CEO for MemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center in Laguna Hills and Orange Coast Center in Fountain Valley, with recognition as Assembly District 72’s 2024 Woman of the Year

Mark your Calendars for Earth Day! This year, Earth Day falls on Saturday, April 22. I look forward to celebrating and protecting the future of my beautiful district by volunteering at a local beach clean-up event. If you would like to give back to your community, be sure to check out these volunteer events:

Assembly District 72 Non-profit Recognition. Do you know a non-profit organization making a difference in your community? Help me select one to honor by nominating them for California Nonprofits Day. Nominations close Tuesday, April 9, so please fill this form out: 2024 Non-Profit of the Year Nomination Form (

Not receiving invitations to my events? Send an email to to be added to our distribution list or visit my website: Diane Dixon website. Be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and X.

Thank you Stu News for keeping our local residents informed! I am honored to reach Stu News readers with highlights about my life and times serving you in Sacramento. Until next month – be well!

Diane Dixon is a two-term Newport Beach City Councilmember and two-time Mayor. She is currently serving her first term in Sacramento.

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