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What about trees in Laguna Beach? Join Zoom meeting on January 8

On Monday, Jan. 8 at 7 p.m., the public is welcome to join the Laguna Canyon Conservancy in a Zoom general meeting presenting four of Laguna Beach’s longtime residents who are local champions when it comes to the protection of Laguna Beach’s trees and its designation as a Tree City USA community. They will each present information for about 15 minutes and questions will be welcomed. Please join the Zoom meeting by clicking here.

ID: 850 8026 0786

The program speakers are:

Photos courtesy of Laguna Canyon Conservancy

Bob Borthwick

Bob Borthwick – Award-winning landscape architect known for the Avalon waterfront design and other large public coastal projects. Borthwick has worked on numerous Laguna Beach city projects over the years, serves on several environmental nonprofit boards and is well-informed on the city’s changing landscape.

Borthwick will discuss: 1. Downtown Laguna’s iconic trees: Eucalyptus, Ficus, California Pepper, Sycamore, Magnolia and others; 2. The Laguna Canyon Creek Channel rebuilding in the Arts District, the trees removed and new plantings and 3. The Laguna Canyon Road medians near the festivals.

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Ann Christoph

Ann Christoph – Award-winning landscape architect specializing in historical projects and native plants. Christoph has also served Laguna Beach as a city councilmember, a past mayor, landscape projects manager and frequently contributes at council meetings to items that involve the environment and trees.

Christoph will discuss: 1. The Landscape Scenic Highway Resource Document as it pertains to Laguna; 2. What trees are appropriate for Laguna Beach’s climate and 3. Recent neighborhood issues with city-maintained trees.

Ruben Flores

Ruben Flores – Master landscape designer-builder for public and private clients, he is owner of Visionscape, Inc. and the Laguna Nursery. Flores is often a public speaker for protecting Laguna’s trees and the environment.

Flores will discuss: 1. What makes a tree well-groomed and an asset; 2. How often and when to prune trees especially for fire safety concerns and 3. How to improve our views, our gardens and the environment together.

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Barbara MacGillivray

Barbara MacGillivray – Well-known for her and her husband’s film company MacGillivray-Freeman Films and their generous charitable support of the world’s oceans, MacGillivray is also a hard-working advocate for the trees of Laguna Beach.

MacGillivray will discuss: 1. The beginnings of Laguna Beach getting a Tree City USA community title; 2. Establishing an arborist position for the city and 3. The start of Arbor Day and the Laguna Beach Urban Tree Fund.

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